Two different strains


if I grow to different strains in the same room will it affect anything?


depends on how different, some stretch different/faster than others, some ripen quicker than others


Thanks I was wondering if each plant will keep their own characteristics. Or will they each change. The strains are big bud , and blueberry. Thanks again for info


Yes each plant will keep its own characteristics and so it is best to grow plants with similar size and ripening characteristics, but you can grow Indica dominant next to Sativa dominant, it is just likely the sativa will grow taller faster, and the indica will finish sooner. You just need to be aware as it can affect how you have your light above them and if you are growing in hydro with a shared reservoir, they might have slightly different nutrient needs at different times as they ripen and grow a little differently and on a little different schedule. As long as you keep these things in mind you can grow them in the same room side by side.