Two different strains or is something wrong

Purple Kush
Soil Sunshine Mix
Ph is 5.5-5.8 in tank
6 weeks bloom 1300ppm using Cyco feed chart flushing every 3 days of feeding. Was using kleense a product of cyco to flush but local store can’t seem to get it very quickly so use clean water last couple times.
Indoor 2 1000w HPS 3 plants one one 3x6 tray. One plant is over one light and two over the other.
Temp 74-78 during day, Night 60 at lowest but usually 65. 50-60% Humidity
Some ventilation in a 8x20 room
Virtually no Ac using cold air from outside to keep room cool.

The larger plant seems weeks behind in maturity. Not frosting up like the smaller two nor are they bulging. The pistils are not filling in. They appear to be different plats. Opinions? I hope the pics comes through.


Different plants, even from same strain, grow/mature at different rates :v:


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Is the bigger plant the one with two lights over it?

Wait, I think I misunderstood…but, similar question…are the smaller ones the ones sharing a light?

The larger plant is under its own light and the two smaller plants are under the other light. The image is all 3 plants.


Talked with local shop and they say cause grew from seed it may mature at different times and may take longer than advertised to mature. They said to turn my lights off for 48hrs and trim the shade leaves not attached to flowers. Should stress the plant to finish but just to be patient and I may need to harvest different plants at different times.

Anyone have thoughts on all of this?

That’s pretty much what @repins12 said. I agree. I was asking about the lighting situation because plants will spread to fill the space they’re in, sort of like a goldfish lol but really! They don’t like to touch walls or other plants too much, so they’ll stop spreading out when they ‘hit’ something. The two smaller ones may be smaller just by the nature of being next to each other, sharing a light. Whereas the larger one gets the same 1000w HPS all to herself. Maybe not, but it might work better if the lights are “in a row” with the plants under them in a row, filling the light footprint evenly…gnome sayin?


This is the first time I have seen this. Sunday marks 8 weeks for bloom and that’s what they say bloom time is. The way they look they appear to need another 2-3 weeks to mature. I did the 48hr or darkness and trimmed up the leaves like the local shop recommended. I have one room for everything so if I need to harvest the one plant weeks later I need to come up with a different room for curing.

Also the lights are in a row. I have LEC lamps in between I use to grow and the hps are for the bloom.