Two different size fans, want opinions

Good day to all,

I have a 6.6’ x 6.6’ x 7.3’ tent and have two AC Infinity inline fans each with a carbon filter, a 6" and an 8". Each can run on their own controller.

What are the groups thoughts on how to use the 6" fan. I’m going to definitely use the 8" for exhaust. Should I use the 6" also for exhaust or for an intake?

8" CFM: 724
6" CFM: 352

I have a 4x4 and use the 8" for exhaust and 6" for intake, both with separate control, also. Works fine as long as i keep exhaust med. Others will be here to let you know more. What kind of tent? 6.5 is one i have not seen.

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Using the 6" for intake is exactly what I would do.


Awesome, thanks for the replies.

It’s a Budbox Pro Titan-1 HL

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How much CFM do you need moving through your tent?
I would try to get there on one exhaust fan & enough passive intake area to support it. If you truly optimize the flow through your entire setup on your most powerful fan & it’s still not enough, then go to a more powerful fan.