Two brown spots on my GG Auto

Both of my gorilla glue autos (2 weeks old) had deformed leaves when I started them but now one has a brown spot on each leaf. I have two Bruce Banners and two GSC Extreme Auto’s also that are totally fine and the one other gorilla glue is coming around. I didn’t have the proper air circulating when I first started them but now i have oscillating fan and that is fixed. I think maybe calcium deficiency or the improper airflow maybe caused the deformed leaves but the brown spots seem to be something else.

  1. Gorilla Glue Auto ILGM

2.50/50 of FF Ocean Forest and FF Bush Doctor (Ocean on bottom and bush on top) then I dug out about a Pint to Quart size hole in middle and added FF Happy Frog

  1. 3 Gallon Fabric Pots

  2. 6.5 PH everything, distilled water, was using FF Dirty Dozen but because Autos gonna just switch to the FF Big 3

  3. Have not PPM’s solution yet but have the PPM meter

  4. Indoor

  5. 2 spider farmer SF-1000

  6. 72 F day and 68 F night, was having heat issues first week waiting on fan high reached 80 at one point the first week or so until i moved fan in tent at middle end of week 2

9 . Humidity is about 35% i have a humidifier but its a cheaper one and the humidity fluctuates but have been trying to keep at 50% (I live in a high water table area and a have a dehumidifier under my house set at 35% right under the grow tent also to control moisture under my house)

10 .AC Infinity Cloudline T4 Duct fan, AC Infinity Carbon Filter outside of grow tent, AC Infinity Raxial S4 inline fan booster. (Duct fan and booster in tent and hose ran to carbon filter outside of tent)

  1. Honeywell 30$ from Best Buy no filter


4x4 Vivosun tent also

Pictures? Also welcome

This part concerns me. Cal/mag yes, distilled water awesome! Ph’d well done!

Tho your soul should have enough nutrients in it to get you through veg! Your plants shouldn’t need help with that anytime soon.

Cut back to distilled, cal/mag, ph’d watering

My first time

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Ok so don’t use any of the nuts during Veg? Just water and Calimagic? Thank you so much for the help

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As @PharmerBob has stated your soil has enough to get you through veg but I have a question how often are you watering?

Is this mite or just dust?

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very hard to tell TBH especially since I can’t scope the leaf. @Bubbac03 Do you have a jewelers loupe or usb microscope to inspect your leaf at a more magnified level?

This is what my best one looks like GSC Extreme and a seed off a some killer I had.

Uploading: 20201218_085141.jpg…]()

I’m sorry they only let you reply a certain amount of times, I didn’t know that. So my wife put the humidifier in the tent while I was at work one night. I thought it was ok, then couple days later I realized if tap water was used it can cause white powder, when I cleaned humidifier it had a little bit of powder residue. I think maybe this is the issue pharmerbob but I ordered spider mite soap, and pesticide it came in mail today. Greenflex I used to have a machinist loupe, but got lost in move my wife s10 has a app that does pretty good were gonna do some more pics tonight and post. I used calimagic last night and 6.45 distilled water so I will update tonight but thank you both for the help.