Two broken stems and running out of room

I have a beautifully plant but now I have issues. I am growing in a bucket and I thought the plant would stop growing when it reached the buckets top…that plant has not stopped growing in fact it has reached the top of the bucket and the spacer and several leaves burnt this afternoon. I thought I should try LST however I Guess I am to late for that as I snapped off two stems (heart breaking) should I completely cut off these two stems or let it be? And what can I do to stop the plant from growing up? I have no more space. I plan on cutting a larger extension but I can only do that for a few inches and I’d lose my light power. So what do I do plant is on week 6.

Hope you have holes in the bottom of your bucket for air flow. Try to keep lights as close as possible without burning leaves cause when light is far away they stretch for the light so try to keep those lights as close as I can


Your answer isn’t helping me. Obviously the lights are too close to the plant and the leaves are burning…so for you to be like well keep the lights close to the plant…Dude! So I can burn more leaves? I got plenty of air flow…I got three fans I take out take and over head fan and holes drilled on the bottom. So again I need…for the plant to stop growing and know what I can do so I don’t lose this plant.

My bad good luck wyour attitude in this forum I was just try to help


Top it. Remove all the upper growth. That’s what you need to do if you plan on keeping a plant in a bucket grow.


Can you add more spacers

Here is what happened. I chopped a quarter inch of the plant down then I added 4 inches of spacers and I thought I was fine. The next day I found the plant had grew 4 inches over night and didn’t care less about being chopped down and it was burning leaves again. I decided to get a bigger grow space. However creating the bigger grow space and imperfectly I might add took some time. Anyway I think I saw some signs of pre flower on the plant. I have the plant in oceans and it’s been doing fantastic. I have not needed to add fertilizers yet but with pre flower I am thinking maybe I will need to add fertilizer however fertilizer killed my last plant so I don’t know if I should sit tight or if I should risk throwing pre flower fertilizer in.