Two Blueberry, One Pineapple, One White Queen

Tent. Happy, I guess they’re happy.
Hello everyone, I’m here in my little one bedroom flat, just the wife and I, and the marvelous world of advancing methods has produced two things for me, One the Mylar covered GrowTent. and two is the LED that is available today. Both my tent and my light are from MarsHydro, and as you will see from the pics. The girls are pretty impressed with their light source. I have a 20 Gal Rubbermaid reservoir with 2 1/2" net baskets
in the lid, a 300 gpm air pump with One 4’ Round airstone, and three 10" bar airstones. GH flora series nutes used about 1/2 strength compared to my ebb and flo system 10 years ago. Change and clean reservoir every Thursday evening at 8:00 set roots in alternate reservoir of water ph level of 6 for the cleaning and renewing of nutes reservoir. My water comes out of the tap at 60-70 ppm and 7.1 ph. after adding nutes now in week two of flower, ppm is 600 and ph is 6. I keep going down and up between 5.5 and 6.5 week to week just to promote total nutrient uptake, boron, copper etc. Loving the LED.

And they are all stuck inside a 3’3" x 3’3" x 5’ 11"

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Neat ! look at the root’s - what a root ball

I know eh, everytime I renew the nutes, you have to find the airstones then take the hose off there at the stone, and gently pull it through the roots just to get everything to let go. LOL. I have the lid hanging on two ratcheting pulleys so it’s easy to just lift the entire works.

WOW what a trip - have seen root balls - never that large - your nutrients use ? bet you use a root stimluator;( Great White?) (mychrrozia fungi)

Hey there @steve2, nutes are GH Flora series changed every Thursday at 8:00 PM, last night when I checked
there was blueberry #1 on the front left, anyway HE was showing all HIS sacs, lots of them. so out He comes and the other seed is as cute as any little girl you ever saw.
So there we are, no damage done. Just a slightly smaller harvest is all. PS. I use those nutes at about half strength compared to ebb and flow.

The culprit.

Sound like you have it under control – fun to watch them grow

Yea; I see those little “guggers” Good you are using at reduced rates(nutrients) you can all ways increase them and I would suggest you do . So any words advice for folks that many want to change to LED’s

So far O say yes, the LED has outperformed my expectation so far, and as we go through the rest of the grow, I’m pretty convinced that they are going to be worth every penny. I would be careful of just buying LED period, but with the Top brands increasingly getting better and better, I would definitely go for a MarsHydro, or KIND or Ultimate LED etc.

OK, one little blueberry was not a girl, So he is gone, No sleeping in the same tent with my girls no Sir, anyway always a bit disappointing to just whack out a whole thriving plant, but a Guy, I mean it’s just something we do to stay in the bud growing world. Me I’m not looking to seed anything. hehe. So here they are minus their friend. Sweet growing to all, have fun.

I also heard that some of the specifications of the LED’s are incorrect (not true) in some brands - the brands you mentioned seem OK. Having fun is what it’s all about

Just wondering which LED you got? I also have a Mars Hydro and it has been GREAT for me when I can finish a grow (A LOT of family visitors that are not cool with MJ !) It produced some killer buds! Great looking plants, keep us informed on your progress. Jerry

You’re right there steve2, there is a whole lot of misinformation out there, as stressed by Robert Bergman himself, and that is regarding true wattage, lenses used, configuration of light spectrum and on and on. I’ve seen some LED’s that are just very bright lights, not photosynthesis bright, just bright light, not helpful in growing what we are doing. It’s a real buyer beware in this arena.

Will do Jerry thanks. My light is a MarsHydro II 700, I love it so far, ( sorry to hear you have such opposition) For me, my GP, Oncologist, Cardiologist, Radiologist, etc. they are all on board, too much good comes from it for my family to be against it. The Prostate Cancer is set deep in my spine, and the MJ is my relief. I thank God, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for making such a plant. What can I say?


Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 11

And God said “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed,”

Genesis Chapter 1 verse 29.


And again after the flood, first thing after getting out of the Ark, He tells Noah. Gen 9:3 “…even as the green herb have I given you all things.”

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Here we are day 61, The girls are all happy and quietly taking over their entire space. The changes made last week were to suspend the air pump. One the resonance noise is gone, and two there is no more need to worry about it when flushing the reservoir, it just hangs quietly out of the way. Little things! It’s always the little things.

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Damn man ! ! Those are some wicked roots. Looks like you are doing well. Keep it up! Jerry

Thanks Jerry, I call them “happy roots” I was unable to do my change last night due to time restrictions, but will do so tonight, so new pics coming of the ole root ball. :heart_eyes:

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Day 65, Here we are, seedling and small clones have become 1 cubic meter of green mass. With lots of roots.
I always love nutrient change day, because it reveals the underbelly of the growth (the roots) I have a solid and healthy mass with a little salt build up on the ones that used to feed the male blueberry. Now that the plant is gone, those roots are just transferring the nutes from solution to salts. Pics to follow.