Two autoflowers, two photoperiods?

I started four seeds, two are autoflower Strawberry Cough and the other two were photoperiod of the same strain - there was no way to tell them apart so I germinated all four.

They’re only a month old so I have some time to figure out what to do.

I only have one good light, a 1000 watt MH / HPS. Since two plants will continue to be in the vegetative state and the other two will stay much shorter I’m going to have to keep adjusting the light height to accomodate the vegetative taller plants. Will the autoflowers produce less flowers this way?

I don’t really want to buy a second light since there’s quite a bit of heat produced already, and that seems like overkill for only 4 plants, but maybe a cheap 250 watt HPS would be a good idea?

Also, since two will be flowering while the other two are vegetative, should I switch over to the HPS bulb or just leave the metal halide in?

I think I made this grow more complicated than it had to be. :astonished: Doh!!! :astonished:

I’d switch to the HPS bulb when the autos start flowering or even now, HPS puts out much more light per watt than MH. A 1000 watt HPS is plenty of light for 4 plants. When some plants are shorter than others, find things (bricks, books, whatever) to put under them to get them to roughly the same level as the taller plants.



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