Two 70 day autos on day 63 (pic heavy)

On 60x magnification I’m seeing a mix of mostly clear and some cloudy trichomes but no amber at all…

One plant seems to be about 5 days ahead of the other…

My goal is 20% amber, I think I’ve got about a week to 10 days left so I’ve started feeding plain pH water today …what do you think?

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They look tasty…
I am interested in the replies as well because my Strawberry Kush are close to you first picture
I am guessing my ladies are about a week to 10 days behind

are you going to flush the soil first? for a cleaner finish I typically like to give plants 2 weeks min of straight ph’d water in soil to me they aren’t flushed until the fan leaves are all yellow shrivelled and about ready to fall off

@paranorman, I’m on my way up. You know i know my way around…lmao
Looking real good buddy.happy harvesting


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@garrigan62 You coming home!? lol!:wink: I bet you miss this place this time of year!

@Donaldj. Edit: I don’t know what the hell I meant here Donald? lol! (I don’t function well pre-coffee) yes, this morning I started just pH water for the flush. I think one has maybe 10 days left and the other one maybe two weeks.

These are my first autoflowers. I still find these things pretty amazing! LOL …they’re fun to watch and easy to grow! :slight_smile:

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I could. I’m wanting to take the bike on a road trip this summer.
I have two sisters that are in Hanson and Hanover Mass.


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Nice…I’m on day 67 and mine look the same…sk1 and auto massassin…

You will want to flush them good for sure! Makes the buds taste better! [so I’m told]

Nice plants @paranorman @irma1010😗

in soil/soiless I simply stop feeding give them only water in hydro I run nutes right up to last 3 days or so and usually cut back nutrients by about week 7

The amount of effort to get this stage, finish your produce with a quality flush additive for the best results all round.