Twisting leaves, seadling

8 day old seedling, 3, 85w cfls, 4” above 6 seedlings, humid 60-70%. temp 75, ph 6.5, the orher 5 plants doing good, this one curling leaves, i move it to the middle of the grow tub, took the top off.

What soil is that and have you added nutes? It looks like nute burn.

happy frog, just 6.5 water,

Should be okay then. I’d chalk it up to genetics. It should pull through fine. Give it some time.

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i moved it to middle of the line up, i took lid off the grow box, but not sure i can keep humidity up, i have water in tub, is that good? i also mist them a few times a day.

Seedlings need very little water and cannabis in general doesn’t like wet feet. Cannabis does best with wet and dry cycles. It is very easy to overwater seedlings. A couple ml of water a day or every other day is the most that I would give them.

It is possible that the twisting is due to overwatering.

It would be best to put a dome over the seedlings (a cut, transparent pop bottle or a clear Solo cup will work,) mist inside the dome a couple of times a day, and not water the soil at all. Seedlings are capable of getting all of the water they need from humid air. After they grow a bit you can start introducing watering of the soil in small amounts.

ok, awesume thanks. so if humidity gets up in the 80’s in the grow tub its ok?

Oh my. I missed that you have a seedling tub. Yes, if you have a lid for it, then that could be your (big) humidity dome. I’ve used these tubs before and I put a wet hand towel in it to keep humidity up. 80 plus percent RH should be fine for them.

Great, thanks again,