Twisted sisters. Enlightened by cubes

GL - Week 11/8 veg.

The Sisters had a bad day yesterday, I came home from work on a stinking hot day and Mrs Enlightened had forgotten to check tent temp for me…
Tent was 32°C (90F) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Anyhow, my loupe still hasn’t arrived,
but, silver lining (maybe)…
Does this look familiar to anyone?

I have discovered through trial and mainly error, that Gold Leaf does not like anything over 28°C (84F) and does not like high humidity (80%). I am not certain if that would apply to all GL or just mine (thought it was interesting enough to document)

Choc - (Week 9/7 veg)

If GL is yin, Choc is yang, she isn’t bothered by heat, cold or humidity, she is a tank, from the moment she sprouted, she has displayed accelerated growth, she was germinated under QB LM301H at 50% (120W)
For anyone who wasn’t here at the start.

I have ceased watering schedule, instead I water until they droop now. I have also raised lights (26") to induce upward growth.

And of course, now that I am home to monitor, temp/RH is almost perfect.

Clones strike back, they are starting to look healthy.





Interesting fact no 3. Both aloe clones have 2 main stems (which I will manifold) and both Clonex only have 1? (LST)

Good vibes, keep it green :v:


I finally splurged on a new glassy, got sick of the manky old plastic and steel. The tar catcher works well and gives a nice clean high.


Nice :+1:


I need to get a good bong to take some nice rips off but its hard to beat using your mom’s glass bong. Hahahaha


I’ve always loved glass bongs. For me, it’s the best way.
My glass always breaks. My One Love bong broke last weekend. I had one that lasted 7 years until the saltillo tile shattered it.

When it broke I ordered two back up glass steamrollers. They last longer for me before they die. I get these big hits off em. It’s like they hit like bongs without the water. I miss water bong hits already.


Killer bong! Hope you have a great day man! Girls look great!!!:sunglasses:


Thank you, @elheffe702 and @ReconBravo have a great day yourselves gentlemen. :v:
(personally I think GL is starting to look like she needs a feed).
@MrPeat, I would love to smoke a bong with my Mother, that would be epic!
@QueenCityB, I broke my last one when I injured my shoulder and had a muscle spasm while packing a cone.
I have seen your roller and must confess I would like to give it a try.

I smoked some hash through it tonight with my daughter, very nice, smooth high, it gives a completely different stone than any bong I’ve owned before, very happy and high :ok_hand:
Did I already say that?


I love steam rollers! I got to get another one. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand: have a great day everyone.


You as well @Dman1969 have a great day brother✌

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A steamroller would kill me. I take a rip and I cough pretty badly. :pensive:


:laughing: You gotta take smaller tokes. Have a great day Brother!! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


@Enlightened420…doing a fine job! Looking good…nice bong…I’m gonna need something like that😎


Nice peice!!! I love my bongs, my wife just got me one to help fix my problem of breaking them all the time.


I used to say the same thing…“I’m just gonna break it.” Then my man at the head shop steered me straight. You gotta say to yourself, “hell yes I’m buying that big 4 footer!” or, you know, the steam roller, or the big gandalf or whatever…“and I’m gonna rock that mf till it’s etched from all the resin through it.” He goes “do you go to the dealership and sit in new cars and go, ‘nahhhh, I’ll probably just wreck it…’?” I made the Elon Musk hitting the blunt face, and agreed. :joy: Wouldn’t you know it, I broke that bong a couple months later giving my daughter a hug with it in one hand and something else in the other that didn’t agree with the glass. F the bong, she didn’t get cut, and we all learned a lesson. Win win.

You know the one:


Out of likes but fair enough lmao.


@Grundo, I bet you will, your ladies are looking sweet, gonna be some dank weed :call_me_hand:
@CoyoteCody, I saw your present, looks awesome :v:
@MrPeat in all honesty the tar catcher is smooth as velvet, I haven’t coughed yet.
Love it @elheffe702, even though I’m a fishes a$$ when it comes to money, I would gladly break 1000 bongs for the chance to hug my princess.
(20, but still Daddies princess).
I would love to get high with Elon Musk and pick his brain.
Me: “Yo Muskman we gotta talk bro, need you to hook me up with the good sh!t.”
Elon: “What’s that Enlightened my brother, you need some stanky danky?”
Me: “That would be cool also, but I want 30KW off-grid solar, with a wall full of battery storage and automatic generator back-up for my shipping container grow and to power the house I suppose”
Elon: “Shipping container grow sounds wicked, can I help design it, I’ll front you the money for expenses if you let me steal your idea?”
Me: “Let’s get high and design some magic brother!”
:joy: As you can see, I’ve already been into the TC this morning.
Have an enlightened day everyone :v:


I already got a case of replacement jars lmao.


Keep all that and send me to Mars lol


You are lucky to not have a really extreme case of asthma. I sound like a old school Coal train. One puff and I’m coughing way to hard. Smoke has never agreed with my lungs. Even a slight puff can send me into a 4 hour coughing fit.

Thus I am scrambling for getting my pain treatment. I’m at a loss. :pensive:

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Edibles and tinctures my friend, you don’t even need to smoke, I have noticed you on @blackthumbbetty’s page learning heaps, I admire her scientific approach to new styles of edibles and growing, I salute you Betty and your journey towards the heart of Mary Jane :v: