Twisted sisters. Enlightened by cubes

Thanks @Skydiver. My local organics store guy sells a giant wall of their products. I need to just start getting their stuff one at a time.


Forgot to mention that some things like oyster shells can be sourced locally like from tractor supply bigger bags and cheaper too as well as using your own food waste like egg shells banana peel and so on.
I’ve learned to not rake my leaves the the street and instead keep them on property to use as compost or mulch even put pile around my maple as that’s what nature does and there are all those minerals that they took up and also need to grow so I give them back. Crazy how they talked us into giving our “property” away so they collect it process it and sell it back to us as mulch/compost.


Hey, not to contradict but i want to be very clear on this cuz it’s how i missed things for weeks… the mites that cause that kind of taco damage can NOT be seen with the naked eye and need AT LEAST a 60x but possibly higher. I was using my regular loupe and they went undetected- and worse I had a false sense of security that it wasn’t bugs and embarked down a very labor intensive path for weeks trying to solve the wrong problem. it wasn’t until I got the microscope that I was able to get confirmation. again, not saying you have broad or russets, but if you’re looking at it with a low power loupe you are not going to be able to rule them out.


That’s great! I like to support local businesses but sometimes the costs move me in the online direction…just have to compare things.


Good to know…I must not have those types…at least if I do I don’t know it…lol thanks for enlightening me those two types are too small to see without magnifying help…learn something new everyday!


oh you’d eventually know. they’re devastating and hard to find so very happy to spread the word to save anyone else weeks’ worth of pain. and wait… i taught you something? cool. :slight_smile:

ALSO. some of them live on TOP of the leaves, not the back. also easy to miss


Ran across this article on those types of mites…good info if needed…comments at end too.


The product doesn’t treat mould, it innoculates against it, reducing the risk.
Thanks for all the good info peeps :v:

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I really need to learn a program of natural preventatives instead of corrections after the fact. You know preventative maintenance, like on a car before it breaks.


Healthy living soil promotes healthy plants healthy plants are more resistant to bad things.
Things such as Neem cake incorporated into the new soil ends up in the plants matrix via the soil and helps the plants resist bugs etc.
Same as humans if they have a healthy gut biome and feed their critters well they too will be more resistant to “bugs” and sicknesses and so on…


The more I learn about living soil, the more it is starting to make sense to me. My soil already has neem cake and all the other good stuff, I kind of fluked onto it, before I knew how good the base compost really was.

The Sisters have taken well to their new environment. They have already been trained once this week, but are begging for more.


Yea after awhile things too for me became clearer as I read and watched more about mother nature’s processes that’s she’s been perfecting for longer than we can imagine!

Here is a post that also helps clarify things…hope it helps

Growing this way has streamlined all the stuff for me that others need to do/check when using man made nutes and sterile/semi sterile growing medium…PPM…water to run off…flushing…Ph run off checking and all that extra work just goes away but I’m glad I did it in the beginning to have an understanding of that process just in case needed if issues arise.

Mankind keeps trying to reinvent the wheel through “Better Living Through Chemistry) and keeps getting flat tires

Mother Nature rules!


More training, cause I know she needed it.
I’ll do a full update on Sunday.

GL - Post training.


Choc - Untouched, so far, her turn tomorrow. :christmas_tree: :v:


You have probably said it, but how big is that tent?

BTW the sisters are looking nice.


Couldn’t find same one, mine is Secret Jardin. Not bad, just needed some reno’s to make it functional.


Well said @Skydiver


Thanks. I was trying to picture how big those plants were, but it was hard without knowing the interior dimensions you are working with.

I am American though, so I did have to do some conversions to feet and inches in order to visualize it in my head.

You made math happen. And I’m high, so I cheated and had google do it.

Cool tent.


Agreed, Mother Nature knows best.


Plants are roughly 2 feet (60cm) across circumference, soon they will need to be separated and given half the grow space each, which would 4 x 4. As it is an 8 x 4 veg/flower section. (appreciate you doing math, especially when high :joy:)
Yes I’m going to grow 1 plant each in a
4 x 4 area without scrog, but attempt to train for similar effect/finish (I know, too ambitious for my first grow).
We live and we learn, if we’re not learning we’re not living. :v:


It looks like you are right on track to nail it.