Twisted sisters. Enlightened by cubes

And that my friends, is a good day’s work!
25°C = 77F

Then when I get a dehumidifer, I can set the humidity at required level and I won’t have to control RH with temperature and exhaust :upside_down_face: I love it when a plan comes together.


They all look like healthy ladies to me.
Nice job on the temp control.
Don’t forget about the heat a dehumidifier puts out when running.
Here is a chart to reference for temp/humidity.


Thanks @Skydiver, I appreciate all of your help. I will keep plugging away until I get it dialled in. Once my loupe arrives I will endeavour to confirm, what you must have already surmised, hopefully :crossed_fingers: no detrimental infestation.
Have a great day everyone. :v:

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You’ll get the environment down!
I know others say you need a loop or whatever to see the mites but unless your eyesight is really poor you don’t need anything to see them.
I see them everyday and have for many months you just have to get close and stare at a spot and notice movement because movement gives them and deer and anything away as to their presence.
Stick a stake or popsicle stick etc in the soil and they will be climbing up and down it all day and all night…lol heck I can take a pic right now of some both veggie mites and the faster moving meat (predators) mites.
Unless there are only a few you can see them anytime you want.
Grab a leaf that’s suspect and look at it top and bottom. If you see a whitish speck/spot and stare at it and it moves without the fan helping it’s a bug.
Take a leaf off of a plant and lay it on the soil green side up and check it in an hour or so and if they are there they will be crawling around on it sucking juices from it…

I’ve got mites and I’ve got some fungus gnats and I’m over being bummed or worried…it is what it is and I’ll just keep spraying water on the plants to remove them…yes even with the lights on as I guess my lights are special as I have never had any burn problems with the magnifying effect etc and I’ll just keep applying mite predators from time to time to let nature come to a balance etc…like the outside world is away from human interference. Self regulating.


I read a comment on here that made perfect sense to me. I think it was dbrn or myfriendis410.
If I expect an infestation to happen and prepare for it proactively, rather than reactively, then when it does happen, no drama, I already have predator mites or whatever preventative measures taken.
As my friend always likes to say:
“6 P’s - Prior preparation prevents piss poor perfomance”.
I have been reading about predator mites, but don’t know what sort would be best suited in this environment? Hot and humid in the hot seasons and cold and dry in winter. Should I go with an all-round predator?


If they don’t have veggie mites to eat they won’t last forever…ie they will die so prevention would be to when summer time take off shoes or shower and change cloths if you were working in yard garden etc…
As far as which species to get ARBICO Organics web site has details if the need presents itself. I would and did call them and discuss things with them. There are other sources as well like on Amazon and other mite breeders on line.

Yea I learned the 6 P’s in the military lol

I am now prepared to order more if needed and as my grow changes and the seasons change that will dictate which species best fits that changing environment. High humidity in seedling/clones and veg and low humidity in flower and then temps winter and summer differences is my take so if I order in 2 months in flower I would want ones that like lower humidity etc etc


Welcome to your new home Twisted Sisters. Trials are finally complete and I am satisfied with the outcome.

Found this for $20, not as good as the $150 - $200 ones, but I couldn’t justify that haha. Hey @shindig153, I thought of another word for frugle - thrifty. That’s me, Thrifty McGee.

Found this lil guy out in the garden.

I want to grow buds like this one day :joy:
This is an Albany Woolybush - native to Australia, the “colas” are so soft and fluffy, they feel cool. This one is about 3m tall.

Good vibes and keep it green :v:


That training paid off!

You couldn’t have done better.

Its gonna be cool to see em flower


3 more weeks, I’m aiming for a 10 week veg in Supersoil, then flip to flower and see where the wind takes us. :crossed_fingers:


Didn’t want to clutter up @Geef’s thread.

All of the techniques I have employed in this grow, I have learned on this Amazing forum.
LST after 5 nodes, kept tying down as they grew and then put in a twist, to train them to grow around the pot, only leaves I have removed, blocked 2 or more bud sites. When something grows above the canopy, I supercrop and tie down, I learned on @Stonedrus thread about multiple breaks in branches to strengthen and disperse auxin. It is relatively easy, but time consuming, I train once a week, always on a watering day.


The plants are looking great! Nice even canopy. They will be filling the new space before you know it.

Did you end up having a bug problem or was just weird looking growth?


I’m still waiting for my loupe to arrive to confirm :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: either way. I know there are bugs, just don’t know if they are detrimental or not…
But they look healthy, the weird growth is still there, but only the tips that were worst affected, have not rebounded, all other growth appears normal, I have increased the watering rate, but still don’t water to run off. Hopefully she was just thirsty.
I’m going to use this to get through 3 more weeks of veg.

Then this in flower, both are from OGS.

And while I’m at it gonna get some worm castings and bacteria, all from the same place soil came from. They seem to make quality stuff.


That’s gonna be some great soil. I wanna look for some of that guano, and I’ve heard of feather meal but never tried it. Sounds like I should.


Been looking for stuff to compliment the soil, they even sell a product that reduces the chance of mould growth, I could seriously go broke on their site, awesome stuff :palm_tree:


You could be TightWad McGee? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: haha that’s me


Sea bird guano works well. Langbeinite is another product I use as well. High k to help finish flower. I used both for my last grow and all plants have a wonderful smell. No sneaking around with it on your person.


Also going to use this and 1 other product, they seem to compliment the soil nicely, at least in my mind :crossed_fingers:


Did you put a couple fan leaves plucked from plant on top of soil or a stick into soil etc…if mites are there you’ll be able to see them crawling on those…see them everyday on mine…some meat mites some veggie mites…they can easily be noticed with naked eye…at least my experience.

The weird growth of those leaves can be other things as well. I do know if I put a leaf on the soil they do tend to congregate where the stem meets the leaves…moving little whitish spots.

I too use feather meal…nice slow release N and if you are running a living soil the critters eat that and poop out (exudates) then when the plant calls for room service through the Myco fungi they will facilitate feeding the plants. Same same with all the other natural nutrients.

Many great nutrients available as your posting above!

Mold… I don’t buy products to treat for it etc just avoid conditions that facilitate its growth on plants as mold spores are everywhere and I grow in basement where I know it’s there too.


Check out Down To Earth products I mostly use their stuff great company and environmentally and socially responsible been around since ‘77.
Build a soil also seems to have some great products too but haven’t used them. They seem to be more cannabis oriented in the line and have pre mixes like above. I just build my own with components from DTE and I’m still learning as I go…