Twisted sisters. Enlightened by cubes

No run-off, they are in super-soil and I was advised by the company not to water to run-off and not to ph, so I don’t and never have. I have not had any issues previously, maybe the soil is depleted of nutrients and needs a top up? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Enlightened420 I’m sorry Brother I’m of no help on anything but soil. Your gonna get it worked out. Just keep on keeping on! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


If you are using dechlorinated water the soil should be ok still. I tend to agree with Dman, she may require a tad more water than her sister.


Watering with rainwater. (5.2, 5.3)
I think I may water to run-off, I have done once previously, just after transplant - ph 6.2. Then. I’ll see what it’s at and give her more fluid, to see if she’s thirsty?


It’s higher than I was expecting, but it’s not bad right? Still neutral…


These any good? I haven’t got a loupe yet.

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7.0 should be fine. Especially with the super soil. The organics keep things pretty well in check.

Here is what I use to check my trichomes. 10 bucks on amazon. Made by Vivosun. Gets the job done. I use the 60x most of the time.


Here’s a picture through it from what I just harvested. It’s easy to mate it up with your camera lens.


Looks awesome :+1: thanks.

Oh and just because she is sick doesn’t mean she gets out if training this week, she had 3 times as much water as usual, so I trained her that much harder.


Just put that on there a week or two ago. Huh.

I agree with the others saying wait to treat until you’re sure that’s what the problem is. @Agrestic recently dealt with russet mites and may be able to add something. You’ll get it figured out and taken care of. Good vibes, brother. :v:


That’s just what I was going to say. I remember that @Agrestic, recently fought that battle with those little bastards :v:


I use this for closer inspects for bugs on plants / soil much easier to use for that vs the small handheld one below

I use this for checking Trichomes when in flower

The one geef posed above seems like a good one too for trichomes etc


I have one similar. I have the Carson brand from amazon. @Enlightened420


hey there. so, that taco’d new growth IS a sign of mites. but i’m sure it’s a sign of other things too so let’s not assume. first question to rule them out is if you have anything that is 60-100x. if not, just order because you absolutely cannot see them with your naked eye and they don’t leave markings or webs. i was in such a panic that day i’m not if i remember if i was able to see them with my 60x or not. i don’t think i did.

the other major sign is very yellow new growth.

Russets and Broads are different yet everyone on the webs mixes the two up, as i did. I think i actually had broad mites. mine lived on the tops of the leaves and i was able to identify them by their eggs.

russets have more elongated bodies and after looking for a month couldn’t find much about their eggs but i think they’re round and cloudy.

just check. tops and bottoms. i think the broads live on top and russets on the bottom. hopefully i’m not adding to the misclassification again because it’s been really confusing. do this first before anything else. i’ve seen ph and environmental issues do this to other people’s plants too and of course i freak out and think it’s mites.


Thanks for the knowledge everyone, I appreciate it, @Agrestic, thanks for dropping in, I’ve seen your battles and desperately want to learn as much from you as possible, so I can make the most educated and well thought out plan.

I love it @elheffe702, it’s actually a quote on my profile. Great minds huh?

One good thing that came out of today, the tent is coming along nicely and my A/C ducting works almost as good as I’d hoped it would. :v:


here’s hoping there’s nothing to battle.


That would be the best outcome, touch wood, there are no bad critters in there.


did you order a microscope?


Not yet, still deciding on one, preferably up to 100x and can take photos with phone.

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GL week 10/7 veg.

She has had a rough week, then endured intense training yesterday, but has rebounded today, with another spike, also showing new (healthier looking) growth, which tells me she is still healthy. She actually looks a bit perkier today. Maybe she was just thirsty? :crossed_fingers: Hopefully…
Will found out when loupe arrives.

This was one of the worst affected tips.

Choc is still unaffected week 8/6 veg.

Clones are still cruisin along singin a song.
Aloe on right.

Temp trials in the shed are not going as expected, how do I cool down a whole shed, by 5°C? :nerd_face: More experimentation required, maybe insulation batts? I need to work out a better way to vent A/C, that will help :thinking: sorry, thinking to myself :joy:

Big thanks to everyone who came to my aid this week.
Good vibes and gratitude :v:.