Twisted New Growth GrandDaddy Purple


First time poster, long time reader…

I am growing (2) GrandDaddyPurple which started in PH’d Rockwool then transplanted in Happy Frog Dixie Cups now in 1-Gal containers which will be transplanted again to a 5-Gal container in a week or two (I hope).

I am OCD about PH and I maintain 6.3 - 6.5 confirmed with two meters and old school litmus paper.

I am running (2) 300W Meizhi LED lamps at 24".

As with my last few grows, I am using Fox Farms standard course and I am partially through week 2. In addition to the nutrients Fox Farms recommends for my particular soil; I am also adding CalMag. I feed them only when they look thirsty and I am also using a Wireless Soil Monitor which has been calibrated.

My temps inside my tent are 76 - 80 @ 45% RH

I am concerned because the new growth on both my plants is becoming twisted. They have had red stems on the leaf branches since birth but I am more concerned with slow growth and twisted growth.


Those pics are really hard to see. Can you try using a flash or turn off the grow lights for 10 seconds to take the pics. Also try to show us the stem as well and I will call some people to help.

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Here’s plant #1

Here’s plant #2


They look like they’ve been topped, especially the second one looks to be a self topping plant. The first one looks like she’s getting to many nutes, that can sometimes cause weird looking leaves.


Yes, both have been topped. I was planning to do SCROG and usually top early but have never seen growth like this twisting.

I watered last night with RO + CalMag @ PH6.4 without any extra nutes.

Think it makes sense to flush them or just give time and see ? Should I stop nutes for now ?


Actually, they don’t look bad at all. In fact the second one looks perfectly fine. The first one probably is just “twisted” from a bad topping. I would proceed as planned, no changes.


Is it ilgm GDP? I’ve had a few twists from leaves with this strain but it usually straightens itself out. Not as severe though.
What’s your runoff ppm look like?

Typically the cloth pots prevent rootboud issues. But they def look ready for a bigger home.


Thanks y’all!! First time growing this strain and from the start with the red stems i have been reading so much my wife thinks I am nuts.

Yes, this is ilgm GDP and every single seed sprouted great! I did two in Rockwool and two in Jiffy Pellets just to experiment.

In regards to transplant to a 5 gal… Do you think that is something I should do immediately ? I watered last night and moisture reads 85%. Should I wait a couple days to dry out before moving them or do you think I should go ahead and do it sooner ?

Thanks again for all your responses!!


Wait for them to dry out before you transplant.


That plant does look super happy. Just having a bad hair day that hopefully corrects itself once the leaves grow out. As long as they collect light and do their job, everything looks good. Keep us posted on how it turns out!


@raustin is correct. Wait for them to dry out first. You’ll never get them out of the bags without destroying the roots if they’re wet.

I use 1 gal plastic containers, and their final home is in fabric pots. Just for the ease of transplanting.

Keep giving them cal mag with the ro water. These GDP like their cal mag.


They look healthy to me as well. Sometimes I get twisted growth with my super skunk seeds but it always grows out of it. I see no cause for concern. Nice plants!


Thanks again y’all!! I will keep you posted on how they turn out.

I had planned to use 1 Gal plastic pots but the store here is limited and only had the fabrics. I cringe thinking about getting them out gracefully so I am planning to cut the stitches in the bags.

How long should I give them before I attempt to move them?

Have you had any luck using peat moss pots and burying them to reduce shock etc?

Thanks again!!


I think when you wet the leaves it acts like a magnifying glass and burns the leaves from being under the light.


Looking way better and transplanted into 5-gallon now.

Thanks for the help y’all!!


They do look very good. Great work.


GDP are going good! Twisting stopped and growth has picked up since transplant into 5gals.

They are about 13” tall starting week 4 of veg. Will probably give them another week or so to get taller before flower.


These ladies definitely bounced back but the one that was twisted is much smaller.

Both sitting in 5 gallon Smart Pots with FFOF.

4 more days of veg to go so maybe she’ll catch up in the long run.