Twisted fan leaves?

Just entered flowering about 4-5 days ago! 4x4 grow tent with vivosun vent sent up and LED lights.

Coast of main, 5 gal buckets. Germinated 2/17. Fed with worm castings. No extra nutes other than that. Is this normal?

They’re reaching for the light.

I’m willing to bet money the LED you’ve got in there isn’t strong enough to satisfy both plants.

What light and what % power you got it at?


Just searching for the light, they could use a little more, I’d get prepared for some nutrients here soon. Although I love EWC and won’t grow without them it’s not enough for what those girls are gonna demand here during and after stretch! Great job tho! Look healthy!

With COM in a five gallon pot, you have enough nutes for about 30 days. Youll want to start looking for some amendments. Dey amendments take about 2 weeks after feed to start supplying the plant with nutrients. If youre wanting to stay organic amd want to use liquid, look into worm tea with quano. There are many options out there, its whatever your mind rests easy on.


100watt full spectrum Samsung LED grow lights. And I have it maxed out :sweat_smile: I’m just nervous to feed. Don’t wanna give ‘em too much or the wrong thing

They need all the light a 100w can give, and then probably 3 more of the same.

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That is only enough light to veg one plant properly. 35 watts per sq ft will make ok flowers but that is really a minimum. 4x4=16sq ft x 35w =560 watts needed (*if tent were full)
I use 2x150w lights to cover about 2x4 area.
old set up. :arrow_down:

new set up. :arrow_down:Shelf had a shop light but has since been removed. Main light footprint/grow area is the ~2x4 area on the floor.