Twisted/curled new growth

Hey guys I’m still having this issue with my new growth coming out all twisted and stuff… I tried bringing the light up and it’s now about 24in(my limit btw) and even brought the dimmer on my light down also. I feel like I’m hurting my other plant dimming the lights as the others are thriving great!! Please help

5 gal
Auto flower Zkittlez
Week 5( just introduced nutes to the girls, yes it has been happening even before feeding)
Temp day 74-79
RH-55-65( have been having issues bringing this down as I can’t afford a dehumidifier at the moment)

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The tips look a little burnt could be nitrogen not your light once plants go into flower they don’t need as much nitrogen. If you have flower food it will be lower N higher PK


Alright great! So justwster till runoff and then continue feeding? I’m using FF trio…

Have you been following the FF feeding and flushing schedule?


Yes i did my first feeding on Tuesday(Start of week 5)(FF Trio, 1/4 of Recommended Dosage) Today i will do just PH water to create runoff and check PPM & PH.

I did do a Flush right before introducing Nutes also.

Problem is this was happening a week before my first feed whe ni was just giving water so idk ugh

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What specific model light(s) are you using?
What size tent do you have?

27x27x64in Tent
Mars Hydro 1000
Just 2 5gal plants in my tent

Thanks for the help

Mars keeps changing/updating their lights. Do you know the exact wattage draw of that light, or the diode type? If not, when was it made/purchased?

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Also, are you ventilating the space? If yes, how?

How do the leaves feel in your off hand? Are they papery and thin or tender and a little thick? Do they feel noticeably cooler than the air in the tent?

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I think the excact wattage draw is 150w. It was purchased in August of this year.

Yes i have a small fan in between the plants and light to keep the circulation going. Also an inline Ventilation fan(Similar to the picture below) bringing the air/humidity out of the tent(Its all inside the tent). I have a few Velcro’s on the bottom of the tent all open with a fan outside the tent blowing in just to keep the bottom of the plant moving as well.

Honestly it felt about equal if you know what i mean Haha? Its thick but it feels like its getting a bit thin and No, the temp feels the same from inside the tent.

Again thanks for all the help!!

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I think I’d crank the relative humidity up (it’s low, even for flower) to 75%, and increase the light to max. I feel like you can lower your light to 18” as well. If the plant can’t cope, you might have to let it die. The other plants will fill out your small tent.

Ah man i dont want to let it die :frowning: :frowning:
Yeah ill do that then and hopefully that plant can snap out of it…
Im going to see if its nitrogen issues, will do a full flush and hopefully it gets a bit better.

Thanks for the help.

I wouldn’t worry about culling it because, like I mentioned, your yield shouldn’t suffer too much. Your limitation is canopy area, not plant count.

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Ah yes this is correct!! I am struggling with space these girls are growing bigger than I expected and and I am worried about the space, first time grow mistakes :man_facepalming:t3:

Maybe a scrog setup next time

How many plants do you have in there?

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@Kevino0529 I think if it was nitrogen those leaves would be a darker green, tips would be clawing down.

I’m curious, before you moved the light to 24 inches, what was the hanging height? Also how long was this plant under that hanging height before symptoms started to show? Any chance you can post more pictures ?

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Two 5gal pots

One plant per pot, right?

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Yeah the tips are definitely not clawing down just twisted it seems lol. I have another plant right next to it same strain and been treating the same way and it’s perfectly fine will post pics of those also it will be the last pic

The hanging height before touching the lights was about 17in during the 3rd week(Currently in 5th week). Plants grew so fast i kinda lost track of it a bit. Symptoms started to show about week 3 also. I did have some PH Issues with my runoff being 5.5 but it was goign in at 6.5 but i have fixed the issue a bit, Runoff is about 6.0 for now as i am having a bit of an issue bringing it up without spending money. Here are pics

This is her sister, same strain also. She looks fine, Atleast i think. She did suffer some nute burn because of the soil but all good