TWIN SEEDLINGS. 1 seed, 1 stem, 2 bodies

I’ve got what appears to be the same occurrence with my Number 5 Cronic Widow


@hillbilly103, that’s kool! Twins are actually pretty neat to grow. Mine was Amnesia Haze auto flower and they grew just like my other Amnesia’s did, auto flowers are usually a dwarf plant I think anyway but the twins didn’t seem to grow as tall as the others but it was still full of buds and I’m thinking the twins are a little more Stoney then my other Amnesia 's and I even harvested the twins early due to a problem it had with grasshoppers. Good luck with your Grow, let me know how they turn out!


Hi all! I just created this account because i wanted to add something to the conversation. You guys were talking about twin plants… I am in mexico city and I sprouted some seeds i sourced here locally. One of the seeds sprouted sprouted 2 plants. I had them in peatmoss cubes. And I’m 100% certain only 1 seed was put into the cube. But there’s something else… one of the 2 twins has 3 baby leaves and 3 true leaves. So I have twins and one has a genetic mutation… you think it might be worth keeping it to breed? 3 branches is obviously better than 2, could I breed the gene?

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I’m so glad I found this thread, I’ve been searching for answers to my odd plant issue so your comments have been really helpful, and the pics that the OP posted are great!
So I’ve got a cream caramel (I think she’s called, I should check that) from RQS, around 3 weeks old, gorgeous healthy plant but - there’s 2 of her! Same thing, one stem with 2 full plants growing off. And 2 sets of seed leaves. I will post some pics later when I feed her. I trained her yesterday and just pulled the two tops down in opposite directions.
She’s amazing. Been growing for 3 years, never seen anything like it :heart_eyes:

Argh, she’s not cream caramel, sorry, she’s a Honey Cream by RQS. She’s so pretty… :heart_eyes: