Twin AK47 nutes deficiency?

Is a feminized funny ak47 that split in 2 main branches by itself. I’m experiencing this kind of yellow along veins on fan leaves and since I haven’t feed it any nutes nor used expansive soil, I’m positive it could mean deficiencies cal mag or npk?
Please guys let me know what you think
P.S. I’m already dealing with spider mites kind of hard on this bushy chick

Fill this out as well as you can. Looks like a smallish, plastic pot?

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I agree it does look like a very slight deficiency.
However, when dealing with a pest infestation it’s difficult to tell if it’s a result of the pests or an actual deficiency.
Adding some cal/mag to your next 2 waterings won’t hurt. If she starts looking better you’ll know that was it. If not, discontinue and reassess.


I wanted to thank you first for your reply, I followed your suggestion and the plant seems doing OK; she isn’t actually recovering the big fan yellow leaves that I posted the photos of but overall is getting a brighter and healthier color.
How many times per week/month should I add cal/mag to waterings you reckon?

I also noticed a while back that some stem are of purple colors; is that related to the strain or could implicate issues regarding nutrients?

Thanks in advance

I forgot to add
Some leaves tend to twist (not necessarily all to one direction, some may twist pointing the sun while some other facing the opposite direction);
Are those issues? they might be related one to another?

I’m a newbe grower and trying to understand as much as possible
Thanks in advance