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Started a 24 hour soak on 5-2 moved to damp paper towel for 24 hours and today being 5-4 I put them in pots. Couple of things I did differently was the paper towel soak. I also ran 6.5 ph water through the FFHF soil 24 hours beforehand

Also considering I now use a LED they are about 8 inches from pot tops


Is the 1200w enough the room size is about 3x3x7 of course half the height is taken up by shelf
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Which 1200 watt?

soaked my seeds today when i got home from work and looked at the clock, it read 420p (no joke) hope it is a good sign :+1:. they will be going into ff warrior tomorrow at (guess what time) 420p under cfl lights in a humidity dome for 1 week of 24 hr a day lights on then week 2 dome comes off and they will go to 18/6 then outside in 7 gallon bags in ffof for the summer. wish me luck :+1:


Good luck!


ty…good times:+1:

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King plus led

@Zepman55 awesome start. Set to watching. What strains did you start? Or random bag seeds?
This light?
King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV and IR for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower

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@Zepman55 do you have the ability to raise and lower the lights? And also, do you have an exhaust fan set up?

I’ve use my exhaust to lower temp which in turns lowers humidity. I also have two fans blowing keeping fresh air circulating with one side vent on pen.

My light I use like a thermostat. If I want temps to go up I lowered the lights and vis versa. Light and humidity has been just about the same all week.

Yep that’s the one thanks I’ve been reading your post about lighting and must say you have my admiration as to your knowledge thanks for the help. The strain is WW auto I started another grow about a month ago under It’s Alive not a great start but learning

I don’t at this time that’s why I raise the plants :seedling: no fan and since I’m home most days I open the pump house door I’m going to get a small fan for circulation

Looks like a 235 watt light? Based on the relatively low efficacy of those styled lights, par levels will be a little lower than optimum. A good rule of thumb for light lights like that is about 50 watts per square foot.

Will still grow some weed well, just a little shy of maximizing yeild per square foot.

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Really like the way that you have started you Journal @Zepman55, you have given use the germination part class :+1:, and you lights that you are using and how you have set up your growing pots and medium are you going to go through the way that you set up your growing area also bud, and what nutes are you using. I have also used my lights as a thermostat in the past and now I have one off the tall AC fan standing in the corner fits great and temperatures and humidity are perfect. I’m going to set to watching this will be great for all our new growers thank you for your efforts :v:️.


When the plants pop you might want to raise your light up. 8" seems kind of close for seedlings. I’d start out at 24" and adjust from there.

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@Zepman55 thanks for the kind words. @dbrn32 is our lighting expert, I just buy what he tells me. Haha. I only know enough to be dangerous. Lol!
White widow is a great strain, and an easy first grow. You’ll love it. Even better after harvest. Keep us updated when they break ground. Other most important is to have the soil moist, but not saturated. Love them, but don’t over love them. Happy growing.


@Zepman55 are you using your 1200 watt right now mate? I assumed when you said 8" inches that it would be CFLs or T5 lights .

It’s a 1200w led brand king pluses @dbrn32 looked at it said it might be a lacking in the watts pcf area but should be ok. As for heat I can hold my hand one inch from the light with no burn

Yea its only 235 REAL watts. With that light you’re sitting around 26w SQ/ft. You would need to add around 100w or so to be around optimal for your grow space.

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These ladies showed their gorgeous heads on 5-5 the following photos were about an hour ago. The two smallest ones had seed casing on them which I removed however, it still looks as though part of it is still attached


And there there they go up up and away mate good luck :v:️.