Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

Seconded. Yay Green Crack!

Also damn, a QP for Sammi is :100:


:joy: That’s ruff, ruff, ruff! My understanding, @kaptain3d , is that Eastern Canadians refer to noisy dogs as Crackies, is that so? :person_shrugging: :dog2: :loud_sound: But the other end, the mouth end. :rofl:


Awww! That looks like Odie! The little jerk likes to fart when I’m putting his harness on, thank goodness he’s small or else I’d have to buy a gas mask.

He was sitting next to me the other day and he farted - but for once, it was an audible squeaker. Watching him trying to look at his own azz to figure out where THAT sound came from nearly made me roll off the couch.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: @Fiz !!!

There’s a part of me that thinks Odie knew what he was doing when he looked at his butt like WTF. I bet he loves to make you laugh!


He is endlessly comical. Most entertaining dog I’ve owned.


I don’t know about that… :thinking:

Maybe @Oldguy would know???


Naw brother. We just call em for what they are.
Yappy mutts. :joy:
Honestly never heard the term “crackies “ before in reference to a noisy dog. :thinking:


@Oldguy @kaptain3d LOL, well thus my :person_shrugging:, you just never know. Looks like I may have been bamboozled by CollinsDictionaryDotCom ! :astonished: :grin:




It’s a start. :upside_down_face: This afternoon, VERY gently I bent Petie’s two top developing colas a small amount, and then I put on the garden wire, pic below. I’ll work with them every day to keep them under control.

The training this past week to open up the other colas has been pretty straightforward.


Crackie the Green Crack is crackalackin’ . :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll add more soil to her bag very soon. This morning, day 6:

Petie the Sour D is coming along in her own, small-ish way. :upside_down_face:

She’s still in flower stretch, but saying “stretch” is stretching it. After I put the training ties on her top colas, since the colas were big enough to do so, she decided to slow down, start hardening, and focus more on bud growth.

Her canopy likely won’t be too uneven, but I’ll see what the next week or so brings with her branch growth, or lack thereof, lol, and any further training. Otherwise, she’s looking healthy, which is always my top priority.

She’s a bit funny/different with watering; every time that I think I’ll water her on the fourth day (from the last watering), due to her bag having some of weight, she’ll be droopy on day three, i.e. complaining for lack of water.

Her 2-gallon bag takes in about six cups of water before I start seeing any meaningful runoff, i.e. just a small amount so that I know it’s been thoroughly watered. Then she’s perky the next day, as is usual for these plants.

But, I’ve yet to have her bag feel “light” (soil), which goes against my learning and experience of taking care of weed plants. Well, so far, so good, and gotta go with the flow of what the plants tell us.

Day 36 from sprouting, day 11 of flower:


all looks good!!!

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As perfect as she’s looking, I’d be listening if she complained for water early myownself.




Yeah, what do ya do, haha. I had to overcome my fear of committing the most heinous weed-growing sin, overwatering. I thought something might be wrong with her, but ehhh, it seems that she’s just being quirky.

Hey Fiz, regarding your buddy who has grown the Afghan - I recall you saying early on that he wished the buzz lasted longer. If he’s still looking for an Indica with a longer buzz, then I highly recommend GDP. Everyone is different, but for me, the body buzz lasts a long time, and it’s heavier.

I love it, and I find that it takes a smaller amount than with the Afghan to get where I want to be buzz-wise. And mentally, I find it to be very clear-headed and not psychoactive (maybe in high doses, though), even though it does slow down my brain a bit, but hey it’s a heavy Indica, ha. I still really like the Afghan, it has its place; if I had to choose, though, I like the GDP better - the muscle relaxation is just awesome.

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Crackie the Green Crack, day 11 since sprouting:

Space mates:

Below, Petie the Sour D, day 41 since sprouting, day 16 of flower. Her buds, while not plentiful, are filling out, getting frosty, and her pistils changing to orange.

I mentioned before that unlike my last two plants, Petie’s colas didn’t grow much and only provided a very short window for training before hardening. And since I’m still getting the hang of training and I’m not yet “aggressive” with it (other than topping, lol), you can see the four top colas are fairly close together, especially three of them. At some point, I’ll likely trim a small bit of foliage that is between the top two or three colas that are closest together.


Gotta do a lights-out pic once in a while. :smile:
Petie this late afternoon, after lights-out, of course: :crazy_face:


I always like glitter queen flash shots myself. She’s looking just beautiful!


Thanks. Yeah, lights-out pics makes the frost pop.


:blush: @Twelve1 thanks for the invite. I sure will. Same on my thread, all are welcome. Love having company lol… Birthday weekend, so they ll be celebrating goin on :laughing: :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


Enjoy your special weekend my friend! @TT


Hi @TT , you are welcome!
Happy early birthday weekend! :partying_face: Do you have any special plans?