Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

He’s doing really well, honest to god that guy doesn’t do a damn thing to his plants and they grow beautiful, healthy and productive. He’s got three going at the moment - a newborn and one about half grown indoors, and “Alice” is growing outside. She’s 6 feet tall, and is flowering but I’m wondering if he’s got enough time for her to finish.

Outdoor plant - no bugs on her at all.

He’s kind enough not to laugh at me with all my troubles over here. I will admit to growing plants that produce more - probably b/c he doesn’t feed them as far as I know.

However, I’m not one to argue with success.


Wow and a good weird. Is he still using p4p or doing something else? I don’t recall if he got another light, or is he still using his Mars TS1000?


Not much different with Marina in the last two to three days. She has little-to-no new bud growth and the few remaining white pistils are turning orange, cool! So, she’s on her final leg and I’ll do another trichome check soon. The past few afternoons have been warm, so I’ve turned down her light intensity at those times. Also, with her advancing age and wanting to prevent nanners and foxtailing, I’ve started keeping her light intensity a bit lower throughout lights-on.

Today, day 75 from sprouting, day 48 in flower:



For those of you wanting a thorough grow area/tent cleaning between grows, Nozzles the Clown can help:

Also, since size matters, with gifs, I see on giphydotcom that file size can be chosen, i.e. Small.


I think those two PSAs are it for today. :crazy_face: :grin:


Probably for the better, those buds are already massive. I couldn’t imagine her supporting the weight if she got any fatter! :100:


He upgraded his lights, and I don’t know if he’s using p4p.


Follow up: Mr Odie did NOT win - apparently they don’t know the cutest dog when they see him!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :face_with_spiral_eyes:



:+1: :+1: :+1:
:dog: :dog: :dog:
:grin: :grin: :grin:

Definitely worth a try, I think that Odie is extremely cute, chew toys and all!


Yeah, I didn’t mind, obviously it’s even more subjective than “my buds are the prettiest ones ever!”.

I didn’t tell Odie, I didn’t want to make him sad.

Oh, and for the hell of it, he decided to chew up a $5 bill. I couldn’t stop laughing. Told the husband we had a section with a complete serial number on it so to take it to the bank and get a new one.

“And STOP leaving stuff around for him to chew!”


Well, it looks like we cracked the code on how to get my husband stoned! For the past couple of months, when I have an edible, it’s previously decarbed weed that I soak in hot water for 15-20 minutes, like a tea. (And it only takes about 1 hour to take effect.) Hubby wanted to “try weed again” last night, so we did the “tea”, and thankfully he also likes the taste of weed. I used a strain that he once vaped LOTS of without getting him high. Well, the tea did the trick! :partying_face: He especially could use the assistance with sleep, so the heavy Indica in the hybrid strain really helped him sleep, thankfully.

You are a good doggie mama. :smile:



Congratulations on the hubby high!

I may have told this story before but oh well.

I started smoking weed when I was 16 years old. I had a friend who smoked with me a lot. After about a year, we were smoking and she said “oh god, I got high!” and I raised the eyebrow on her and she told me that THAT was the first time it had happened!

I know it takes some time to train the cannabinoid system but that was ridiculous.


Thanks! “hubby high”, haha, perfect!

LOL! And there you were, thinking that you two were not only smoked together, but got high together! No, I don’t recall that story.

I started smoking weed when I was 12, but quite by 14. Smoked some breifly when I was 16, and then last year, finally, again. It was like a homecoming, I didn’t realize just how much I missed it, and it’s extra nice with quality weed, on an aging body. An added bonus is how much it’s helped my sleep, which I wasn’t sure how much it would help with that. Before legal rec, my state wouldn’t allow an mmj card for sleep … how dumb is that. I wanted to try it for sleep, but nope. Thank goodness for legal rec.

Anyway, my ECS didn’t any training at 12 years old. :crazy_face: Maybe it does for some folks. My husband asked a question about the ECS today, and I’ve been wanting to learn more about tolerance, so I’ll look into that more.


I was quickly primed, I started “getting off” (sorry to use an LSD term here) in less than a month.

I never quit except for when I was pregnant.

Quality weed - :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For what it’s worth, I forgot to mention that my husband has tried a few other edibles, from the dispensary and homemade canna-oil (with coconut oil) that had little-to-no effect. So, honestly, I find it weird, a good weird, that last night was different with the “tea”. And, he hasn’t tried any weed for several months. Well, we are going to try different strains, and now I’m heavily leaning towards growing the GDP next.

Last week, I ordered Grove Bags, of various sizes, with windows - yay! I had a $10 off coupon, which helps defrayed the shipping cost, lol. Before ordering, I opted to register an account, and so it seems from that, Grove emailed a $10 off coupon, with no expiration date.


The shipping charge is grrrrr so glad they help defray the cost. They are so worth it though. If for nothing else - I can drop one and it won’t break. Obviously they are reusable.


Yeah, now what to do with all of the mason jars. :thinking:


I never bought any! I lucked into a Grove bag discussion when I just started to grow.

But I would give them to my daughter - who cans. And ferments food (also beer). And spins and dyes her own yarn. And knits…

Sheesh. I always say she’s the person I was supposed to be.

In the meantime, I grow weed, and I know things. :wink:


I believe you can order grove bags off Amazon, probably cheaper on the shipping.

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Thanks, I’ve looked a few times. Yeah, shipping is free, but the bags are much more expensive, and also they didn’t have what I wanted.

@Fiz This daughter is also the scientist? Either one is awesome, both is way extra awesomeness! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Well, she’s a consultant, specializing in sustainability. She isn’t in the lab and the way this turned out, she’s perfectly happy.

WFH forever. Doesn’t have to leave her baby to go to work.

This momma is so glad for her baby!


i just had to look that up. Wow, VERY cool, sounds like a dream job to me and a great career that helps the planet! Yes, I bet you are very proud and happy for her!