Turns lights down or not

hi people not posted for a long time well I feel like this grow I have found my green fingers I’m o week 7 of flower they really starting to fatten up and full of sticky triclones
I’m just wondering I have to digital ballast hps 600 watt lights the hairs are starting to turn brown and they starting to to rippen up get ripe would you suggest to keep them at 600 or turn them down a little to the 400 watt setting the last 2 weeks

Once upon a time, there was a non-conforming sparrow that decided not to fly south for the winter.
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  3. And, if you’re warm and happy in a pile of sh*t, keep your mouth shut!

Or for our purposes, if it ain’t broke - shhhhh :wink:


wow a little bit more info than needs but thanks
yeah they are really happy the temps don’t go above 26’c as we do it in the UK on other side of the pond you use the farinite temps but that is a healthy temp and with lights of don’t drop below 18 degrees Celsius the HR is around 50% I have plenty of air movement and they look sexy I try get some pics on here later when it’s time to open the magic door
I had so many problems in the past but I guess it’s like any thing in life you have to make mistakes to get it right hope I learnt well know


My lights don’t come on for another 20 minutes and I was bored :wink: I figured it would be a little more interesting than “no” :laughing:

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If they are doing what they are supposed to, keep doing what you are doing.

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Mine both started out ‘iffy’ as well. then took off once I got my stuff together. I have found myself using this site to toss around ideas, most of which never happen, just for input. We stoners are good at ideas - not all worthwhile.

I thought this up a few months ago. No matter what, unless there is a natural disaster, nothing can kill the plants quicker than human interaction. Boredom kills!

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yell me about it whodat66 the first few weeks are very hand on then it’s just let them grow and do what nature intended starting my flush end of week for 2 weeks then we c if it chop time or leave for another few days the Borden killing me
I’m doing the big Buddha king kong if you like your cheese then this is the brand he cross them with all the good kush og and all the different flavours get on it


Leave the power turned up @g-reg
The pistols turning brown normal your on track


thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 I not been on here for a bit this the 3rd grow I done in the last year I was coming on here and just ended up overloading myself with to much info and the last 2 I did never came out to the best quality this 1 I didn’t want to count chickens b4 they hatched but I can tell now I had perfect conditions from day 1 not 1 unhealthy looking leaf on the plants we just been hit by a storm in the UK I have dehumidifiers in grow room and managed to keep my RH at around 50% in flowering but there that much moisture in the air now it rose to 70% wen I checked last night I turned my dehumidifiers up hope that keep it down. if I can’t get it down in till the storm passes let’s say it’s here a week can you see that being a big problem

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All good brother
Its alot to take in when you start and we all get overloaded with info at first and theres alot here
Glad you decided to come back now that you have a working knowledge of the plant
You can try other things to help out the grow
Tag me if i can assist

As far as the humidity do you exhaust out of the house and intake from outdoors
I recycle my air in my flower room
Which is in my basement i have two dehumidifiers one in flower room second in basement itself flower room i set to 40 % and basement to 50%

I then exhaust may flower room into basement which has dry and colled air i have ac in flower eoom as well
I then have a intake fan that pulls air back into flower room but as I mentioned that air is never over 50%

Yes high humidity in flower can be a issue
1 and worst case bud rot
2 buds with be more airy with high humidity in room

This was originally posted by garrigan65
Repost it here for you

Schedule and levels
Follow this schedule to ensure you give your plants the right amount of humidity for optimum growth. Notice there is a difference in clones and seedlings. lol
Clones humidity level
Growth Week 1: 70%
Growth Week 2: 70%
Flowering Week 1: 65%
Flowering Week 2: 60%
Flowering Week 3: 55%
Flowering Week 4: 50%
Flowering Week 5: 50%
Flowering Week 6: 45%
Flowering Week 7: 45%
FFlowering Week 8: 40%
Flowering Week 9: 40%

Seedlings humidity level
Growth Week 1: 60%
Growth Week 2: 60%
Flowering Week 1: 55%
Flowering Week 2: 50%
Flowering Week 3: 50%
Flowering Week 4: 50%
Flowering Week 5: 50%
Flowering Week 6: 45%
Flowering Week 7: 45%
Flowering Week 8: 40%
Flowering Week 9: 40%

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@Countryboyjvd1971 I managed to get back down by turning 1 of my dehumidifiers up but to answer your question I’m growing in a 2.40 x1.20 x1.80 I use 2x 600w digital ballast in air cooled shades I use a 8 inch rvk fan pulling air from outside the tent through the 2 lights straight outside, I have another 8inch inline fan with a large filter going outside maybe I over compensated but I had bad air problems and heat in the past and you can never move enough fresh co2 air in to you room I guess also I use a 4 inch rvk for intake being pulled from the same room the tent is in. I’m growing in 60/40 clay pebbles coco and using canna nutes just about to start flush in next couple days

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