Turning Into a Herm

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I’m growing the Lowryders I purchased with the Spicy mix pack. Order details are in the email thread below. I’m worried that one of them is turning out to be a Herm. It’s growing outdoors in soil, 3 weeks into veg, 3gal pot, hydro grow nutes. RH is between 60-70% at the moment. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve attached a photo of some sacs I found. The top of this branch has calyxes with pistils but these look like pollen sacs. Hope I am wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

Give us better pics please

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Hard to tell with your pic. Better pic, better advice.:sunglasses:

I agree, that pic won’t work. The lowryder is an autoflowering / feminized strain and it will be highly unusual to get a male.

Some pics to help. My money says feminized / autoflowering seeds. It’s a girl.



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One of my ILGM lowryder produced two premature seeds and flowers. Those seeds seem to have been good if I waited a little bit longer to harvest. The other ILGM lowryder is taking an extra month to finish due to genetics! Harvested the flower/hermie couple days ago! Today the super Lowryder is still going! Waiting for her to finish off patiently :slight_smile: luckily she was grown in a half gallon pot or not she would have been the complete opposite of a dwarf. The only plant growing upwards reaching the highest light source: a desk lamp.