Turning 2oz of fluff bud into oil

@Jbum here you go buddy. I just picked up a 1/5 of 151 vodka. Gonna turn all this into oil. I’ve never declarbed before but read something about it

Its easily 3 oz of fluff bud


Dude that’s awesome I’m stoked to see the results! Thanks for the tag bro!

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Details please, I have a fluffer nugger growing right now that needs a chance to please me

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Got the 151 in freezer now. Have never declarbed before though. Is it truly necessary?

No edibles. Just vape and topper on bowls. Thanks buddy. My house is a stinkin and the ole lady is madder than a smoked out ground hog


Haha that’s funny! Wait till the toppers start rolling!

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Now, that kinda dumbfounded me. Last harvest I done same thing but with iso, I threw some in a capsule to eat and got coooooked. Now after I do the wash, I put in a pyrex glass and boil alcohol off. Is that same as decarb?

I decarb my rso at the end. I do it in the oven for making canna coconut oil though and it works well.


For all you folks keeping score at home. That’s 64 grams of decent, very dry bud I’m about to soak. Most I’ve done at one time. I may only cook half off now in a quick wash and let the rest soak until I am ready for more. I do quick wash because I only want the tricomes washed off. 8f I leave soak, I believe the effect will be different

Just for size reference

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You ain’t shittin. I thought it was really fine plant matter I couldn’t see slowing it down

Ever used a Storz & Bickel “Mighty”? That’s what I have for dry herb, and there are options for using the same chamber for concentrates, etc.

Love it! But I have nothing to compare it to…

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Man, them toppers will set you back. I got my dug-out bat I pack and put a little dab on top. I get home from work and it’s a wrap


@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @MattyBear is there a way to change title of thread. I should have weighed before I posted

Should have said this at the beginning. When straining the wash, us unbleached coffee filters. The brown ones

How bout… hell, the same but instead of qp say 2oz

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After the first wash

Try not to spill any like I did cause sucking 151 off a stove sucks a$$


After strained thro coffee filter into pyrex. Some of it at least. I’m in a hurry tonight and will let the rest evaporate

Into the pan of hot water to evaporate alcohol. No more than 180- 200 degrees is what I do. Just a hair over low setting on stove. Also, don’t do this with a gas range



Yeah, my fingers from squeezing the coffee filter is like I spilled glue on em


Doh! Sorry marge it’s more than just the smell now!

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