Turn 400 watt on also?


A question from a fellow grower:

I’m a newbie to growing indoors, always grew outside. Summer is to short and winter lasts forever here. It’s super nice to see something green growing in the middle of a cold winter.
First, Thank you so much for the growers bible! I have read it cover to cover, more than once. So now I have successfully started my garden. Upgraded my lighting and have a tent coming with proper venting.
Are my seedlings in veg if they have three sets of leaves? Here’s what I did today. I had two 55w 6400K flourescent bulbs on two seedlings, one is further along than the other by about 1/4 inch. Should I turn on my 400 watt also? It’s dimmable to 200 watt? If not tell me today…as its ON now.


Yes leave on your hps bulb and no vegitative growth begins at 4th node. With 3 days of lead nodes out that’s the last stage of a seedling. Also what’s the space your using that could help determine on or off and to dim or not


Germinatiom stage is – 7-10 days
Seedling stage is - 1-2 weeks

when there are 4 sets of “true” leaves - can switch light - you can do sooner but move light’s further from the plants. agree with “Majiktoker” also