Tt-gl05 led ufo how close should it hover?

my light came GL05 UFO led 90w is 2 feet from seedlings to far or close

put the back of your hand as close to the light as you can without getting burned. Now move away six inches. That’s the sweet spot.

thanks so is it the same through out grow…that light is supposed to do all stages

Yes, as long as it covers the whole area it needs to. Sometimes when the plants get “too tall” the tops fall out of the “direct light.”

can or should I ad d a cfl 100 w grow bulb or a 90 w. led, or is this light really sufficient?
I am so excited… I only hv 2 sprouts and a 5 in. plnt (thin) practicing while waiting for my seeds. …its a secret.

ps 2x4x6 feet lined w mylar blkts.

I place my T5 no more than 2" above my babies.

is it normal for the leaves to turn a "burgundy color),? also if plant does a droop over night…soil feels dry, I water…do I turn lights back or leave in dark stick to lite schedule?

ok, I am having problems I think. here are some pics of my lrgst plant… and what am I doing wrong? the ends of the leaves are dry to touch this am… is it amount of dirt, Water? to much light they are 1.5 foot from light,…the sprouts only one so faris looking thin (tall stem)second set of leaf,…I want to get itright before the seeds come. also male or female?