TSL2000 Driver replacement

Was just wondering if anyone has replaced a driver on a tsl2000, and if so where did you find one? I can’t seem to find a driver for this light.

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@dbrn32 is pretty fluent in the luminescent language.

What is the part number on the driver? You can probably find the same from a distributor like Arrow Electronics.


I believe they have a 285 and a 320…. Not completely sure but Id start with those two…

Checking the old driver would give u currents n voltage… google wasnt much help sorry.

DB is definitely the brain to pick there. @Hellraiser is pretty light fluent as well. Maybe @Covertgrower as well he has plenty of em lol


Here’s the driver

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moso x6-150m041

Use that in a search bar. Pretty easy to find but I couldnt work up a price without clicking through.

And wait for the aforementioned light doc before pulling any triggers


Yep, I would just wait for @dbrn32


I tried that and found the driver, but could only find it located in China with a 35 day shipping time.

Is there anything that indicates the voltage of the board? That would give you biggest amount of options.

It looks like direct replacement may be available on alibaba.

Good afternoon, I am new to the forum,

Did you locate a Mean Well replacement or a Moso Driver for your TSL-2000 Light? I have a TSW-2000 and a TSW-1000 that use the same Moso X6-150M041 drivers. One driver has failed and I’m having no luck with a response from support from Mars Hydro for warranty replacement, or locating a Moso Driver online.

thanking you in advance,

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I had the same issue and found this. It works. I talked to a certified electrician, a friend of mine about the voltage. He said the voltage would essentially adjust itself. I have been running it for 2 months now.

The plant is an Indica dominant called Pinkman Goo.


I just ran in to the same problem with my tsl 2000. Perhaps ill give this a shot. Thanks

Was curious is the XLG-150-H-AB just plug and play or did you have to wire things up yourself?

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You will have to wire it up, the same way you unwire the old driver. Easy diy.


Well? Did you do it?