Trying yo make some seeds

I am trying to make some seeds by placing my feminized plant outside in nursery and waiting for it to pollinate, will it be good idea or should i change it , and what would be the best way to do it, and will seeds be feminized?

There has to be a male plant around to pollinate it and no it will not be feminized

You create feminized plants by applying silver thiosulfate or colloidal silver, and reversing the plant’s external expression of reproductive organs. In short, apply STS or CS to a feminized plant on a 12/12 cycle until she grows male-appearing flowers. Her pollen will be all XX.

If you skip that step, your feminized plant will just flower out and not produce pollen at all.

Outside is gonna be one big outdoor plant and a whole lot of seedy weed for the outdoor ladies you pollinate. I’d consider taking the experiment indoors where you don’t risk contaminating an entire outdoor grow, or for that matter the outdoor grow of any neighbors within a 10 mile radius. Pollen travels far and can ruin someone’s day.


I was just about to say this. Should be a common courtesy among growers. Please dont be the guy who randomly pollenates half the city haha


@PurpNGold74 the young me tried to pollinate 1/2 my city back in the day but that’s a different tale lol……:upside_down_face: