Trying to understand ventilation/duct fan


I am trying to figure out/ understand ventilation. I’m trying to find a duct fan that will fit and work with my tent. I am new to growing and trying to figure what will work best.

I was thinking about getting the

Here are my specs;

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AC infinity 4 inch should work perfectly


4inch vivosun exhaust system would work well for what you want but u want two systems one to take out old air and one to bring fresh air in also u want two or three clip on fans in ur tent

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What’s the size of you tent ? I have the xs1500 in my 27.27,63 that light ran on the hot side for me had to run my 4 inch inline fan about full blast. But depends on the size of tent ?

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I think ill get the ac infinity 4, here’s the link to my tent it seems like it didn’t get posted

this is my tent:

Awesome thanks for the input, was planning on setting up some fans inside

Im my tent i run five fans .And thats two inline fans and i run three clip on fans sometimes i have four clip on fans

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Like Tazze posted above definitely will need a few fans, I only use 1 inline fan as exhaust, but had 2 clip on fans 2 around light to get cool, 1 plant level, but also has. 12 in metals fan strap to top. You just want good airflow. But it will take some adjusting to make sure you can get correct temp, and humidity, but looks like you are on the right path keep it up, and keep us posted good luck

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