Trying to stay 6.0 ph runoff is 5.5. Help?

Should I feed with higher ph like 6.5 all the time ?. This promix has dolomite and other ph buffering stuff in it, could this be what is keeping my runoff low ? I have used promix with no dolomite and it seemed as though the ph up I was using built up and the runoff would shoot to 8 and beyond . At that time I fed with a ph of 6.7 cause I didn’t know that promix was like growing hydroponicly.

I’m in week 4 of flower and the past two days I haven’t seen the buds grow nearly as fast as they were. Both strains seem to have slowed. Could a runoff of 5.5 be the slow growth culprit ?

I have two six hundred watt sodiums in a 6 by 6 room that stays around 78 during lights on. I’m using 7 gallon pots and use roots organics liquid fertilizers.

When I was growing in soil, at one point I needed to water with a pH of 10 in order to get the runoff to be at 6
I’m not joking. Started with 6.5 pH in, came out at like 4. So I slowly went up and up and up, until runoff pH was 6 (I did this with 9 different plants. Each time I used a new plant, so that I wasn’t contaminating my results in any way). If your runoff is low, I would water with a higher pH to begin with. Then check runoff, and repeat.


Hey, thank you. I plan to correct with just water. After the filter it is 8.0. Have you heard of having a target of 6 ph but needing to water with higher to stay on target ?

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I water and feed my plants in veg at 5.8-6.0 and my runoff is about 5.5-5.6 and had no affect , and in flower I Ph at 6.0-6.4 and my runoff is about 5.6-5.9 with no affects to the plant . Now the difference for was different grow pots ? When I growed in a 3 gallon bucket my runoff was not off that major in runoff , but now using this smart pot it’s a major number difference from Ph water going in and coming out and I wonder if it was cause of the fabric of the smart pot , cause my plants are thriving even with such low runoff from Ph water going in the pot in my experience . Now also I layer my soil medium in layers from bottom to top which I thought might play a part in the cause but I don’t know if that’s a factor either , but if your water Ph at the right level going in the pot is working and the plant is not showing and signs of defiencies , I would continue with what’s working , but if you having defiencies issues than I’ll suggest taking neccessary measures to correct the problem . But whatever you do , you don’t want to make sudden changes at the root zone in your Ph ranges are that would definitely cause problems and headaches , and that’s no fun . Now in the future before you put seed in the soil , I’ll ph my soil before hand to make sure the Ph in the soil is coming out in the right range before getting started is my opinion ?

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Thank you yoshi. Before planting seeds I ran 8.0 water through a small sample (solo cup). 5.2 at first , after almost half gallon runoff was 5.7. Eventually I got a 6.0 reading but the dolomite lime and other stuff they put in this pro mix seems to do good at keeping the ph low, after feeding and watering in at 6.0, runoff eventually gets down to 5.0 and I have to do something to bring runoff back up. I have been considering watering in at a higher ph , as you mentioned, to try to keep runoff around 6.0. My first attempt I watered in at a ph of 6.7 and did not have all of the brown spots on my leaves. Since then Ron BERGMAN had mentioned to stay at 6.0 . I’m now learning that to do that it’s not as simple as watering in at 6.0. @latewood, @garrigan62 , do you have any helpful thoughts.

ProMix is not like growing hydroponically, my friend. PH needs to be above 6.1. I am doing a very nice grow in ProMix BX and I have been using my well water with Pure Blend Pro and no PH adjustment; (experiment with parameters) 1 TBS. PBPro, and PH is at 7.1-7.2 Plant is (gold leaf) is healthy and extremely vigorous. FYI. :slight_smile:
So; I am changing my idea of what PH to use with ProMix and I am realizing that you can run it at the same PH as soil grows.

Happy growing.


Amazing ! Thank you. I have been pouring in a ph of 6.5 and seeing buds swell faster. I think the organic nutes I use build up, so promix with composted materials is essentially soil. Thank you, you have solidified this thought for me. The girls haven’t been completely happy and I think this new thought has been helping out. My clones have been suffering as well, maybe 6.5 will help them too. They have been transplanted and are quite big now but yellowing. I think I should be giving them a decent meal. I have been holding back on the nutes till three days ago. @latewood Also I just had a double inguinal hernia operation two day ago, man it’s been hard to hobble to the basement, mix carry and feed. I’m getting it done though. :slight_smile:

I will upload a picture of Gold Leaf feminized in Promix. Yuo are not going to believe how vibrant these genetics are! :smiley:


Looking forward to it. My S.S.Haze seems more able to handle my ph confusion than the S. Skunks, but the buds on the skunks are super sugary. 40 days into flower (I snipped a decent bud five days ago ) and the smoke is already better than what others have had in a while. Can’t smoke yet, hurts to cough. :frowning:

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