Trying to sprout new seeds

2 of the cookies sprouted hopefully the 4 VENOM OG come up. Has anybody heard about VENOM OG.wish me luck

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I’d pick these up at my local grow shop, It’s GIRL SCOUT COOKIES and VENOM OG. It says on the package ornamental bird seeds, Each pack was a dozen. Has anybody heard of Cannabis ornamental bird seed.

It’s a tactic to avoid being taxed/treated like a Cannabis breeder. Not exactly super clever, the “souvenir purposes” or “for genetic preservation only” are better disclaimers. But either way they’re still weed seeds.


Thank you yea your right , each pack 12 only like half Sprouted So you’re right possibly the avoid of getting text and not just that but the ones I did not sprout I can’t take him back because I bought him as ornamental bird seed even though they’re charging a lot of money for them we all know what they are. Now I’m looking at them and they only sprouting 3 leaves leaves I hope they’re not hump I don’t plan on spending a lot of money into them because I then because I don’t know. That’s why I got me the super pack. With the real extreme feminized girl scout cookies and gorilla glue my think gelato

This is gsc venom og is still in Process

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3-fingered leaves are common in young leaves. Chalk it up to fresh plant “new leaf weirdness.” Shell normalize and grow 5+ fingered leaves eventually as long as she stays healthy.