Trying to sex an outdoor grow

I am growing outdoors. This is only my second season. Can you help determine the sex of this plant?

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I am sorry to say it but, it sure appears to be a male to my aging eyes.

By the way, welcome to the forum. You will find all of the help you might need right here.


Agree it is male and Welcome! :slight_smile:


I was think it was but it is growing so beautifully and it is supposed to be from a feminized seed. Is there another picture or angle that would help clarify? I would hate to kill it without cause. I am growing three plants and two of them are like this. The other is tall and thin but looks more like the one I grew last year, which produced super good buds.

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Maybe a closer photo of one of the nodes with “balls” hanging off it. I don’t think the answer will change though.

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The stem to stalk unions vary but this is typical of the majority of them.

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It is male

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Thank you everyone for the help. On to the compost pile. One last question- Is it too late for the females nearby? Have they been pollenized or is it too early for that?

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@merlin44 I’m new here with the sexing I’m looking for the sacks where exactly do I need to look? Thx

I found this to be helpful

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You should be good unless a neighbor has a flowering boy. That’s always the unknown with outdoor grows.

Every picture was a boy… :angry::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::disappointed_relieved::sob:
Kill them…:smiling_imp:

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Every picture is male

I wouldn’t put on compost pile. The pollen can still fall out and wind blow in onto your girls

That’s a man man

Those all are pollen sacs lol