Trying to save the bambino

My first grow. I have an Amnesia Haze seedling which I was late in removing from germination and transplanting to FF soil. It is two and half weeks old. Seems to look healthy enough but looking at the stalk (not clear in the picture) the stalk seems thicker nearing the vegetation and thinner towards the soil. It is supporting its leaves.
Is that unusual or am I being too sensitive?


Looking good to me so far.


Thank you for the feedback… I tried to get a better picture of the stem. Not much more help. Lower portion of the stem is greenish and seems thinner, the top is more brown and thicker. Just wondering…

Looks fine you can lower your light if you want it to be a thick stalky girl lol or add soil all around the top and tamp/press on the soil around the edges and surprisingly will thicken the girl up and keep the soil in the mid after water from sinking

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What is watering regimen, and how much?

So pile some dirt around the thin section and tamp it down a little to provide additional support…makes sense…thank you!

I water twice a week. One pint 6.5 pH in a spray bottle. Spritz in a circular motion to evenly cover and soak dirt. Will use more as plant gets bigger.

Keep water at least 2-3" away from stalk, this will let area dry good and also promote root growth, at that stage I try to water no closer than the tips of the leaves!

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I remember reading something to that effect! Forgot! Keeping that distance…use additional water for saturation?

She does not need a lot of water yet, but it isn`t going to be long! Welcome to the ILGM forum man, lot of of knowledge about weed here!

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