Trying to raise temp just enough without lowering humidity

Hooray i fgured out how to start a new topic! That only took what felt like forever…

My Issue is i have a tent with a decent avg humidity around 65%. The problem is my temperature. it averages out to about 65F. My plants are not growing as tall as they should have by now (2 months after planting) and i believe it is due to low temperature. I havnt forced flowering because of this.

I purchased a small space heater for the tent. It raises the temperature great, almost too great (mid 80s) and lowers my humidity down to around 40% sometimes as low as 35%…

Any tips for my dilemma folks…?

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Yah get ur self a humidifier or put a bowl of water in ur tent

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i was really hoping to not have to buy another gadget for my tent.
is there another way that i could raise the temperature WITHOUT the space heater…?

do you recommend any certain kind of humidifier? brand? style? etc?

Tent is 6ft x 4ft x 3ft

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Im not sure what type of humidifier u will need for ur tent hopefully some one on here can help with that but do u have ur heater in ur tent or on the outside .if u have it in ur tent i would move it out of tent i would have a fan in front of one of the vents on ur tent and then put the heater behind the fan so it can blow the hot air into ur tent this way should raise ur temps high enough with out making it to hot and ur humidity should come back up

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This one should work for you.
Just make sure to use distilled or ro water in it.
Using tap water can cause scaling.


this is a very interesting tip that is worth trying.
i currently have the space heater inside the tent, however it is on a timer set to run on and off for about 15 -30 minutes each

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I have this issue with every temperature change. Growing in a garage with fluctuating temps/RH. I placed a small space heater outside the tent near the intake exhaust on a timer during lights out. I’ll occasionally throw a soaked towel on the tent floor if the humidifier is struggling.

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I keep my heater outside of the tent at one of the bottom intakes.

so now the big issue i have is…

with the design of my tent, and they location it is in (I CANNOT relocate it, just adjust position in current location, i.e. rotate 90 degrees)
if i were to add an intake fan, and placed the space heater next to the fan so as to blow hot air…
it would not be a direct line of venting, and create other ecosystem issues.
the vents that i can use for intake are all in corners or against walls that leave very little space to add a fan and some venting…

if i adjusted the tents position, which would require purchasing some additional new equipment as it would create power source and exhaust issues. not impossible, but ideally not wanting to do it if i dont need to…

Does anyone have any other suggestions for my solution?
I will take any suggestions that involve…

raising temperature about 10 degrees without lowering humidity…
how important is direct venting when using an intake fan? i only have about 2 inches between the wall and the tent where the vent would be… it would need to be very crooked and convoluted…

i am trying to do all of this without having to buy too many new things, tools, equipment, etc… so if there are cheaper, simpler remedies than using both a space heater and a humifier at the same time, please let me know!!! thanks everyone!

We have a 2’x4’x72" tent. We’re using a reptile fogger to keep the humidity up (this it the one we use:

We started seeing some sudden problems with what appeared to be drooping and clawing. After testing EVERYTHING (pH, water, nutes, etc.) we decided to raise the temperature by adding a small (cheap) ceramic space heater from Walmart outside the tent, near the intake. It raised the temp to 27-28 C and the girls perked up within a couple of hours. We are going through an especially cold spell right now, so we use it periodically during the day and all night. We’re doing 18/6 right now (autoflower) and they’re growing off the charts!

It would help to say that our tent is in our bathroom and we just keep the whole room warmer with the space heater. It sure makes it comfy to come out of the shower, too!

Sometimes the simplest thing is the key - in this case, it was the temperature. Good luck!!