Trying to put a grow room together

Hello everyone! V


Hello everyone! I am very new to this and need some help. This is a 8x8 tent and not sure if I have enough light coverage for the whole tent. I am also running into a problem with keeping the air cool. The temp usually stays at 85 - 90 Fahrenheit. I managed to maintain a humidity of 55 - 60 with a dehumidifier. I am also running the AC inline fan 8inch with the carbon filter, with 3 extra fans. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

What kind of intake are you running? and what’s the ambient humidity and temperature of the room your in and is it ventilated as well?

Sorry not sure what you meant by it’s intake. Still very new to this. But the room is not ventilated at all. It’s in my garage and where I live we are still getting 90 - 100 outside

Do you have a fan drawing in outside air? Outside air meaning outside of your grow area.
That’s basic intake

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For sure.

You definitely need moar lights

A lot of good threads on here about lights

Everybody seems to go HLG

That’s what I plan to do when I have spendable money


For that size tent ur gonna need like 4 grand plus in lights to get good bud unless u go off brand. Prolly gonna need to get a portable ac unit for inside there and have it drain somewhere u dont have to worry about emptying and being around for humidity. Might even wanna see about getting another 8 inch exhaust on the opposite side drawing more out. Thats a big ole tent.


Thank you for the reply! Yeah I figured I’d have to go with a portable AC since it gets way too hot in my garage

And when you get the garage cooled down put a inline fan to suck air in the tent as well

That’s what I meant as intake

Welcome to the community you got yourself a big space. You have done good getting through seedling stage an early veg stage. As @Starless mentioned definitely going to need more light to flower and produce quality buds. Happy growing !

An ac infinity 8inch inline fan would be a good choice IMO

Dang maybe 2 with that monster tent

Jk one would probably be adequate

hello. is there a mat riser to get all plants off floor so they don’t suck up the water?

Could you elaborate on the 4000. I to am learning. Well, I guess we all are.

Yes welcome to the community. You have come to the right place. There is a lot of very knowledgeable and experienced growers here. Ask @dbrn32 he seems to be the light guru around here. Good luck with your grow and that huge tent.

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8’x8’ tent is going to need a lot of light if you plan on using all of it. You’ll be looking for four lights designed to light 4x4 space.