Trying to prevent seeds this yr


So last yr I planted 6 femininized WW, started indoors and planted outside in mid may. It was my first outdoor grow, had some issues with the pH early on but got that straightened out pretty quickly. They grew well, were big healthy plants.

The disappointing part was that the buds were full of seeds. I still don’t know why but it drastically effected the quality of the buds. Smoking really isn’t an option, gives you a very mild buzz that lasts a very short period of time, like 10 minutes tops. It does, however, make good cannabutter.

So, my question is, what do you think caused the seeds? And was that the cause of low quality or was that my harvesting? I harvested at several different points and it’s all about the same. I got a ton of product btw, I’m literally giving it away lol.



is there a night light around?
or a male plant somewhere close…
sorry that happened @Jen


I’m out in the country so no lights, don’t even have a pole light. As for males, I’ve not seen any wild growing but thats not to say there weren’t any around. Guess the fact that all 6 plants had seeds makes me think it might be more stress related?



@Jen…sounds like you have someone else near by growing and growing males…pollen will travel a long way via wind, bees, birds…had it happen more than one time…nothing you can really do about it unless you know when and who…it’s a bitch to spend all that time and hard work to have it happen…and that’s the reason for the bad quality too


I didn’t see that @BIGE had already mentioned the males…


The fact that all 6 had seeds is probably due to a male close by. Of course 1 could have hermied and then pollinated the rest of the crob, but I think you would have noticed if 1 hermied or not.


I would have to agree with the others, seems like they were pollinated. Chances are if you grow outdoors it will happen again.



You just hit the the head of the nail
" STRESS " it take only one plant to turn hermit and you got seeds


@garrigan65 that’s what I wondered. Just didn’t make sense that every single bud had seeds via pollination. Stress makes more sense to me, thing is I’m not sure what that was. See same thing can happen with sheep and their wool. If they are stressed, either physically or emotionally (predators) they will/can get a break in their wool. Sometimes it’s obvious what the cause is but often it’s not. Frustrating when you put so much effort, time and $$ into it.