Trying to maximize their potential

You check the buds themselves, not the leaves. Not sure whether upper or lower buds - I think all buds - since each cola will progress at a different pace.

I think the only way to figure out THC levels is to get it tested? I was curious too. I got an unknown strain here so I curious too.
We had 2 pollinated females last grow to get some seeds and the bud we did get from that was pretty decent. I could smoke a fat joint and still be okay.

Thank you. Guess I need to trim off this excess leaves and check them before I start curing.
It’s just so hard to keep it steady looking through at 90x cause the eye hole is soooooo tiny.

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:star_struck: Hope I can get there one day.

You will man. I’ve learned the hard way of growing too much. I just came up here to help my folks out and my dad just let these suckers just sprot to see what they do. When we pulled the males, seeds fell off around the area and started popping up this year.

The tiny one next to the wood chopper is Mr. BUBBLES. He will be a sacrifice to the hash gods orrr if I see how is trichromes are I’ll make him into a narcolepsy bud, because I totally miss that bud that you smoke and you know you’ll be sleeping in 5 minutes.
Used that stuff when I was doing homework late and had swim practice at 530am so I needed every ounce of sleep I could get.


I went to river city in w sac. Along w 15 other schools.

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Practically neighbors!


Hi all, is there anything to get rid of caterpillars from the plants? Pick out some when I was washing and trimming, but still found some when I was drying.
Does adding peroxide to the bud wash work?

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@2centshortofacheerio Captain Jack’s is what these guys said to do, and it works!!!

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@2centshortofacheerio …first off I like your name…Its witty! Second " Hey so as for drying in my crawlspace." Why couldn’t I just put them down there and just leave the lids off?Remember what happened with Gacy and his crawl space…? See @Budz comment Mold…

Thanks man been snooping around this site for awhile, and needed to make a new online persona. :sunglasses:
And yeah I just learned that I need slower airflow since my temps aren’t perfect.
Guess I will store the weed after it cures down there in the crawlspace to keep it long term.

Not sure if Gacy and his crawl space is a movie reference, but I saw Buds comment.

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So I finished drying for 3 days in that wedryer since I was worried that they were getting too dry. Like some were down in the 53% and I was moving them up different rack levels to compensate this still.
I threw everything in a 5 gallon bucket and it bounced up to 82% in a day so I am happy that wasn’t the case.
I know that was a short dry time and I will work on extending that, but as for now I have a basic timeline of how often I should be burping.

As of right now I have 2 other jars that are staying pretty steady at 60-63% when I look at them and those were the ones that I had in containers for about 2 weeks as I didn’t have a way to dry them so I threw those in the containers early on.

As a rule of thumb I should probably check on them at least 2x a day and burp them for 15min to an hour depending on how high humidity they are.
When do you call it quits on burping and just stick a silica pack and bodeva pack in there? I am guessing once the smell returns?

Actually after saying all that I guess I can just throw it all back into the dryer and just put them all into 2 layers so the moisture stay concentrated.

Hey there just to double check. As long as there is air flow mold or anything of that nature won’t occur when drying right?
I condensed all I have into 2 layers and crisscrossed them to fit in the enclosed place.
Right now the humidity climbed to 81 & 84% respectfully. I’ll check in a couple hours to see what happens.

It can’t dry to target unless it’s as or under target. 62% humidity or less. I’ve never let a drying area get over 65% so I can’t say. 50s-60s with 90% humidity is where bud rot spores germinate. Usually outside for most. But that’s why air movement and reduced humidity is so important. To avoid mold/mildew/rot.
Then it’s important not to be blowing directly on the buds or it be too hot and low humidity. Otherwise it’ll dry out too fast and taste bad/ be harsh. If it dries too far even a cure won’t fix.

I am blowing 72F and 50RH through it so I figure that constant airflow will be enough. Trying to see if I can get the drying down to 5 days before throwing them in jars or containers.

Oh. Ok good. About where my lung sits. But you should have a hydrometer off to the side or hanging making sure the area isn’t over 62. If you can’t get the area down increase air flow. If that doesn’t work then you’ll need a bigger area.
Top one is my lung. Where it stays if one of the flowering tents is on. When both are off I drop the temp. Humidity about the same, depending on if im my trying to hit 65°F or not. (Colors)

Top is lung. 2/3 are my flower tents. 2 is on

Okay. I got a hygrometer in both areas and just put them in there today. So I’ll see later tonight it if keeps raising or if it levels out.

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The mi 2 are pretty awesome. I can’t find them on Amazon anymore which they where overpriced there. Like extemely ($14 a piece, I hate Amazon, wonder why bezos so rich?). You can find them much much cheaper with longer shipping. Just depends on how much longer. Ebay you can get 4 for 20 or less. Look hard enough in AliExpress you can get them even cheaper. Even Walmart used to have them for $12 ea. At least they kept selling them once they realized it was a price drove up only by Amazon. Lol. You can get 4 there for ~$25. At least online

Edit crap. I lied. They are still expensive at Walmart. That was wrong one. Almost 10 at Walmart still. Make sure it’s number 2.

Took 10 seconds to find 5 of them for 27 on ebay… lol.

Those are my drying graphs from one of them.
There are USA vendors (on ebay) that sell for same or less. I’m just not gonna search because I couldn’t link even if I found. Forum is Amazon affiliated

i was talking with to you before about where i was at i found some discoloration on a few of my biggest buds i thought it was bud rot so i cut them i left the rest of the plant and it looks fine but i found the tips of a couple more colas thatare **[quote=“Cannabian, post:57, topic:74487, full:true”]
57 went to Mira Loma highschool

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