Trying to maximize their potential

Haha well that’s that

Nice looking haul

Hey so right off hand. After I am done washing. How dry do these suckered gotta be before I stuff they Wedryer mesh thing?

I’d put them hanging in front of a fan until the drips stop

Not like super close or super hard fan either

Like farther away maybe indirect

So while trimming AND after the wash
(Lemon juice/baking soda in hot then a rinse of hot then cold)
some of the bud smells a little like ammonia, I figure it is from the bud rot(could it be something else?) even though I chopped big chunks of green away with the rot to compensate, will that go away after I dry and start curing it?

Will that smell affect the rest of the bud when I dry them together?

I wish I was in biking distance. It takes me about 20min to get down there by car.
Were you one of those crazy people that jump off the Rainbow Bridge? I’ve seen all the graffiti up there, but I need some better shoes before I attempt that. Can barely make it the first support pillar.

Just saw you said Folsom Lake I was thinking of the American River.

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If you want to get the absolute longest bud run possible, its paramount that you keep all caterpillars and other bugs from residing on your plants. Also, keep removing yellowing leaves as they form… do not allow any places for insects to hide or decay to start.
Get an oscillating fan going before mold begins, simply keeping air moving is a great way to prevent rot. And lastly, keep your plants dry… do not spray them with anything. Dont let rain fall on them.
Ultimately, you also want to choose proven strains in your area or mold resistant strains. Not all strains that do well in wet areas are mold resistant because the temperature range may be quite different. I find at my latitude middle Eastern strains tend to finish here, but the Himalayan ones not so much… need a longer season. Sun loses intensity here early November and even in greenhouse all a plant can do is maintain. Growth will cease to happen.
Just thought Id throw a few pennies into the pot… take it or leave it info.

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Make sure you reply to your target in the future. I skimmed three words and knew this wasn’t directed twords me. But you replied to me. So I know it was a mistake.

I don’t grow outside anymore


Oh yeah I guess! But anyway… no harm done… anyone can read it.

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Yes. But the intended won’t be notified. So potentially the person you are trying to help, isn’t getting your help… Hence the only reason I even made the post. You want your help to get where it’s meant to go right? If the intended was the op. They will be notified any reply on the thread. If they aren’t and they aren’t tracking. No notification. Unless you reply directly or tag them. Which you replied directly to me instead of just hitting the big reply at bottom.


Swam in the American every day in summer as I remember where we went wasn’t too far from arden mall? Rancho Cordova? I sure miss it. We even jumped off the bridge that crossed the American right a Ross the street from old sac. " good old days for sure

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Holy crap! I did too! We use to skim board tied to a bridge peir in Sacramento

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I’m 54 how old are you?
I swam in every body of water we could find. Swam in the port of sac I til saw a shark and was done there.

@Budz sorry to jump in. I have a two story house; humidity here is off the charts. Was planning on drying in spare room upstairs. Have dehumidifier and fan. Is it ok to dry by hanging in a room, or do I need to enclose it in a tent as you have it?

You can dry it anywhere you can get your target parameters.


I am thinking two more weeks on the indi and four on the sativa cross bread these with seeds that came from i l t g m and a afghani not sure what strain or actual name of female from i l t g m how do i find out t h c level and what dominant traits they have


Sounds like a plan do you check the trichomes ? With something like a jewlers loupe ?

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57 went to Mira Loma highschool

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I ordered a jeweler’s loop; should be here soon. Been checking with a magnifying glass. Trichomes are milky white.

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Speaking of trichromes, where should you be looking? I know the tops mature faster, so do you look on the underside?

I’ll have to go check that spot out. I am still new to the state so still figuring this place out.