Trying to maximize their potential

Man I am not sure …I just know that’s a large plant
I’d like to hear others opinions on it …I’d feel bad if I say that will do and I’m wrong lol

What are the dimensions of your dry room? I was looking at some grow tents that I could put together instead of insulating my other bigger shed.

Just not sure how much space everything needs.

Also how long do seeds last? We grew germinated females last year and got like half a gallon bag full of them!

As space wise I still got 2 other plants that are more sparse then the big stout guys.

That’s why I figured go for the big kahuna there. Or just abuse the free return policy and buy both size and pick one that feels right.


Also when would I use this contraption?
I think it is a pollen connector.

Lol on the return policy hahah …

Idk even know what that contraption is …

You put stuff in there and it spins and stuff falls through the screen.
Just didn’t know when in the process I would use it.

Maybe you meant it’s a Keef collector

I was impressed with the size of the plant and your collection of pipe wrenches.


??? Those are 3 different grow areas. It depends on harvest to do it the way I do. I only dried in the 4x4 that one time because I wanted more room. Than the 2x4 provided, and I was at a rare point where I didn’t have something ready to flip once one of my flower tents was empty. Otherwise I always dry in the tent they were grown in. Less work that way. Don’t have to move mothers and worry about scheduling

So everything that broke off was from the same grow area with the fencing that looks like a little rain forest.

We got a small stout guy that grew in super dry rocky dirt and we are seeing how that will do in bad soil.

Then there are 2 stouts and 1 super sparse guy in another plot.

I’ll throw some more pictures up and make sure to label them all.
This is why I was looking at that big 96" long grow tent just to make sure I have enough room.

Thanks haha. It took me a minute to how you realized how you saw my pipe wrenches.
I am diving into the world of mechanics working on a Kawasaki mule engine.

Hey so as for drying in my crawlspace. Why couldn’t I just put them down there and just leave the lids off?


Is this bud rot? It happened after it rained a little last night.

yea that’s rot. chop it out. and chop out that dying leaf too.

i give my flowering plants a good shake after it rains also, to get the moisture off.

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Morning dew also !!

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Yeah I chopped big chunks all over just to be sure.

Some of the pieces kinda smelled a little chemically, but then others were probably just super mildewy.

How do I tell the difference?

I meant if you wake up in the Am
And it hasn’t rained but surfaces are wet ,
Chances are so is your plant …so I meant shake it if there’s dew on everything

Way ahead of you :wink: