Trying to make some White Widow seeds by extending flowering, ..but

Yeah, as an experiment, I have been trying to grow seeds with the organic method, …letting several plants flower in the flower room well past the harvest time…but I am unsure if I see anything happening, them being on the 12/12 hour light cycle, and its been almost four weeks since I harvest everything else. I wonder,…I believe the 12/12 is correct to make some seeds, …but am unsure,…surely it cannot be the vegging cycle of 18/6, surely… Maybe it just takes awhile.

Its holding me up starting my next medical marijuana crop of mostly super skunk and a few white widow, somewhat, but really, I had a fungus knat problem, errrr, still do I think, I keep on spraying, made a mistake in the mix, meaning I forgot to add in neem oil to the mix, but I have been drowning them anyway with soap water and peppermint.

I mean, I do clones okay and all, I just want to get me some seeds and know how to do it, I read the bergmann tips on making seeds, and I didn’t want to do colloidal silver or such. I am beginning to think I might have to make seeds next harvest.

Dealer sell a silver spray for that an might be easier an more successful


add stress lower light time mess with it drop temps make it think it’s going to die

You have to pollinate the flower .

He’s talking about making it pollenate

It’s self

you can force plant to hermie it will self pollinate but can be hard with some strains to get it to herm have to convince plant it’s going to die

Yeah, I had tried to convince the plants over three weeks ago it was in “stress” by turning off the lights for three to four days. I just sort of think its not gonna work for some reason, cause all the large fan leaves have pretty much turned yellow and I am too lazy to remove them, but the small bud leaves are still alive. I guess I will know in a couple days, I fertilized last night,…and the plants have technically been in flower phase since mid October, that is three months so far on those three pots of plants. SEems like I saw some male pollen sacks, but they are small, and I don’t see any yellow flowers yet.

Maybe I should like said, drop light time to eight to ten hours a day.