Trying to get things dialed in

LED lighting
Coco coir
Jacks 321
FloraFlex Pot Pro w/ bubbler irrigation

OG Kush auto
Feeding Jacks 321 reading 1340ppm and PH 5.8 Feeding multiple times a day. Lights are 20/4 and dimmed to around 60%. Temps are 83/71°F

August 16th
Seedlings placed in pots.

Sept 3rd
Topped, lightly defoliated and turned lighting to 100%

Sept 4th

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Welcome back !

Thank you. Life happened and I walked away from my drying plants and the grow I had going.


Welcome back.I I like your setup. Very nice. Keep us updated…happy growing :bat: :rofl:

Watered with Recharge

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Day 24
I have some yellowing on a few leaves of one plant. I believe it was just to close to the light.

Girls are looking healthy

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I had done a light dedoliation at the beginning of flower before they stretch.
Next reservoir refill I’ll add CalMag and Recharge.

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OG Kush Auto, all of those plants? Looks like someone will have a lot of fire :fire:!

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Yes, other than 2 Grease Gun freebies not pictured

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Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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The girls are getting bigger

I noticed this, this morning

The dehumidifier keeps shutting off due to a full bucket. I need to set it up to drain into my condensate pump. VPD has been within range.
Plants are getting bushy. If i have time this evening I’ll setup some box fans on the floor to help with air movement.

Day 39

I’m running low on my Jacks part A and went to order some and had bit of a sticker shock. I cant believe its $90 for a 25lb bag now. I paid less than that for both 25lb bags of part A and B shipped.

Picked up some Diatomaceous Earth and Mother of All Blooms the other day

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