Trying to get an auto grow in before cold weather gets here

I’m new at this auto stuff but trying to get grow in before frost. I’ve got stem sprouted and just put them in dirt. It’s supposed to be cloudy and storm the next couple days. So i was going to keep them inside for 2 day under an LED light. Does it matter what color i have the light on.
Thanks in advance for any and all help!

If you have led full spectrum that should work. If you have a blurple light, that will work to. For seedlings and early veg.
Are you growing outdoors with a frost coming?

Yes their going out side. I was only using the light because its supposed to be rainy and cloudy the next 2 days.
I should have time . It usually doesn’t frost until October at the earliest here.

It’s going to be a close call on getting done. This one is 70 days old and still has probably 3 weeks which will put it at 90+ days. And fall’s kind of unpredictable.

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@Smo I’m so with you. I’m thinking of dropping some auto beans and letting them grow as far into the Fall as they please also.

I just started 3 autos to go outside yesterday.

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The fall in southern California is tough on plants. kidding

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