Trying to flower

Hi I’ve been trying to get my plant to flower for about 2 weeks and no luck what’s the problem I’m aware that I’m growing in a small space that’s why I

wanted to start flowering I’ve been doing 12 12 but no luck

Is it getting completely dark for 12 hours?
Have you seen preflowers showing the plant is sexually mature and capable of starting to flower?

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Yes it’s completely dark for 12 hours and yes she should be mature enough it’s be almost 2 months I have no space left in my grow area and she just doesn’t want to stop growing :joy:

May not be sexually mature, you should be seeing pistils by the second week of light change

Try leaving them in the dark an extra cycle.

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You should start to defoliate. It will help with air flow, space, and will produce more buds.

Ok I’ll try

Got you

@Lka2683 . . . . Something to think about, that seed may be a ‘Photoperiod’ and not an ‘Autoflower’. It happens. Also, when flipping to flower, always do a 36 hour dark period. Then change your light cycle to 12-12.

Ok thank you I’ll try