Trying to find Sour Tangie

I’m trying to find some Sour Tangie seeds.

I found a some at new420guyseeds dot com

The website sucks and there’s no “about us” section of the website. It almost seems shady. Has anyone used this site?

I’m hesitant to use any site other than ILGM, especially ones in Europe.

Are there any other good seedbanks in the US?

Does anybody have any experience with Sour Tangie from different breeders?

Attitude Seedbank has pick and mix or a 12 pack they are overseas but I have ordered twice with no problems last order was Crocketts Tangie. Only one I could find with a quick search of 4 seedbanks I have used.

You can try finding it though DNA GENETICS as well as they were the guys who helped bring that strain to life. As far as seedbanks I like seedsherenow Oregoneliteseeds helladankseedco dcseedexchange most of these WILL NOT accept card payments

Thanks for the quick reply… I’ve got bit coin and I like to use ze LLe too.

With attitude, that has to go through customs, correct?

Perfect and yeah they will repackage them breeder packs in lil baggies and usually will put them hidden in a item. You can pay an extra 12 dollars I believe its 12 for a replacement security meaning if it’s seized they will send you another pack no charge.

I just checked True North seedbank and they have 12 pks in stock as well.

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