Trying to find best seeds


First time doing this not sure if I’m doing it right ? Just want some advice from experienced growers about buying seeds. Been growing for a long time but never bought seeds on line. Don’t want to waist my time, ONLY want the best. Just so many to choose from and all look awesome but I’m sure there are some that are the best. Thanks


I haven’t heard anything bad that was justified from any of the strains available at ilgm.

Perhaps you should choose whichever of them fit your grow plan and desired results the best?


Welcome @SADDLETRAMP I have not purchased seeds from any other company than ILGM but I can tell you that my seeds arrived intact and I germinated 4 out of the 10 I purchased and ended up with 4 nice plants (can’t wait to grow the 6 remaining seeds!!). I have heard horror stories about some other companies but have no personal experience. Good luck. :green_heart::seedling:


Welcome to forum. There’s great people & awesome strains to choose from. I’m on second grow with Roberts seeds. The genetics & girls are fantastic. If one unfortunately doesn’t germinate, they’ll replace it. First grow 6 girls (3 am haze & ak47) this time 4 crystal & trying to figure out whats next. It’ll either be cronic widow or gs extreme. No matter what you order you’ll be happy a camper!


@SADDLETRAMP welcome to the forum and ILGM. I am a relative newbie here. On my first grow. I order 15 seeds, got them within 12 days and popped 4 of them right away. 2 OG Kush and 1 Gold Leaf and 1 White Widow. Lost one of the OGK’s due to my stupid mistake but the others are growing well. In their second week of flower now. Have no complaints about any of them. They have done great. You can look up my grow journal by clicking on my name and read up on it if you wish. First Indoor grow and maybe a few mistakes".

The folks here on the forum and the folks from ILGM that are here are all wonderful. I am lucky I found this site and got my seeds from them. As to best seeds, I have heard nothing bad about the seeds though you can find folks that hadnt grown before and lost their seeds by their own errors. The seeds that I can recoomend is the Gold Leaf and og kush. The ones I have growing have done great. Couple of photos next Good luck and hope to see you here more.


I’m trying to find your journal but can’t seem to find it. Totally interested in knowing what you might have done wrong with the failed grow. I’m a first timer and reading as much as I can before the girls show up.



Medical needs?

Personal preference or other strains that you like?

Daytime functional?

Evening meds?

Give us some more info so we can point you in the right direction!


@Whitepot Not a failed grow percet, I lost one plant due to my mistake in putting two plants in one pot. I had put the two SGkush in the one pot because I didnt have any more at the time. Planned to move it, then they got their roots intertwinned before i got to it, so it was too late to do anything about it. I tried to keep them from one taking over. Then the one plant took over and basically strangled the other. So lost the plant. My goof. I will link you my next post on there. That way you will know exactly.


Thanks for sharing …totally noted in my journal/"note"book




This is my first grow in sixteen years.
I did my research and decided to give ILGM a go.

I’m glad I did. :+1:

I ordered five AK-47 and five Northern Lights.

It took seven seeds to germinate the six plants I wanted to grow.

That’s a really good germination rate.

I trust that the genetics are solid.

My plants are doing extremely well at week three of veg.

Be well.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey everyone. I live in Australia and am looking at starting my first crop. I’m wanting to grow outdoors but because it’s still illegal here I have to be discrete. So I’m looking for a plant that will not grow very tall, around about 2 feet tall but will produce a lot of bud. I live in an area with an average summer temp of 33c and winter 25c. I will be planting my seeds in the ground after they have germinated. The soil in my area is very good for growing anything you want. Does anyone have any suggestions.


@Thefuture already has this question posted here:

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@bob31 I’m looking for medical, insomnia/pain, prefer taste of Indica’s, evening med. Located in Southern Cal, SF Valley (95+ summer heat, great growing conditions), outdoors, what seed(s) family do you suggest?



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