Trying to figure out what’s going on

![image|375x500](upload://pjEfAP7llGfLGk6nxxG5xHcXj2S.jpeg. First time grower here. Having problems with leave’s turning yellow and looking burnt. Haven’t had any problems till now. Been feeding them foop mutes. Only one plant looks like this. Both plants are same strain. Plant in question is about 6 inches from light and I can’t move light any higher. Could this be from light being too close. I can dim the ligh. But I think that will take away from buds swelling up. Plants are Auto flower and on a 24/7 light schedule.

Sulfur deficiency

Buds won’t swell if the light burns the leaves that make the energy. If you can’t raise them, lower the output.

Also, plants need to sleep. They grow the most at night. They also convert the light energy to aminos (photosynthesize) during the dark period.


@Budbrother is on point. 24/7 is too stressful…even for autos. 20/4 is what most use. I grow different from most using the gas lantern method. (13 on in veg.) I haven’t found the growth to be much different than long light schedules I used to use because I dial my lights to the right DLI and I never get stressed plants.
6" is probably too close if the light is any good @Jw8