Trying to figure out this trimming process

So these are my 2 girls…sleeping right now so I tried sneeking some pics of each…I’m thinking I gotta trim…never done it before…what do ya think? And how do I even go about it?.any input…or… Links to good how to videos…greatly appreciated

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I have no one information for you but this same question was already on my mind. I should be where you are in a week or so I think. I will be following this. Good growing n smoking

Yep…I don’t think I liked the last haircut I gave myself let alone my girls😳…but thanks…same to u

IMO, I honestly don’t see any reason to trim anything yet. Maybe a leaf tuck here and there but no trimming.


I think you can get good light penetration an air circulation. I see no reason to trim your plant I vote with the @LandShark . nice plant keep taking care of her.

Awesome …then ill wait…thanks for the input

The pictures are kind of blurry. Do I see flowers starting in the second pic? Is that an autoflower?

Yes it is an autoflower…both of them are…should I be doing something? Honestly this is my first time trying so any suggestions is great…I was looking at them today and wondering if I should have the lights changed to just blue…

Keep your light with both switches flipped on to give your plants as much light as your light can produce let them do they’re thing for now and when you closer to harvest will be when its time to trim off some fan leafs for now let them grow im no expert but thats what I would do

With an autoflower I wouldn’t trim it or top it, the only thing I would do is pull off dead or dying leaves.


I’m good with that I’ve always thought picking at it too much is a bad idea and to let it do its thing like u said

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