Trying to figure out NPK ratios

Well I got to thinking about all the info on the bottle(s) of nutes (any brand really) and wondered what the ratios are if we were to follow the manufacturers charts…hope that makes sense…lol
I started with what I have on hand and with a little google searching I filled in the blanks in my spreadsheet to get some basic numbers, but the last step I would like to do is reduce to ratio of each N, P and K.
Example so far…

The values shown on bottles:

Then the chart of amounts they says to use and the ending NPK values:

Ignore the “BLANKS”…I made the spreadsheet to be able to add up to 12 separate bottles.
So now say week 1 has 2.33-2.00-3.67 (rounded to 2 digits) and I’m not sure if I reduce this to another ratio or is this the ending values ?
Thinking is I may be able to dial things in a bit better with better ratios…because with the spreadsheet I can easily change values and see the result (yellow = changeable value).
Or am I just going “mad” again…lol
Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there !

Oh ya and the math used …

I have to say that your going mad …… lol
You can’t just change the ratio’s of the nutrients. It took them years and years of research to figure the ratios of their products and of cource each one claim’s to be better than the other. You just have to figure out how much you need to fed your plants because each plants uptake is different from the other good luck with your project


No offense…but this seems a little over the top. Lot of effort, with results that are not better.

Nothing is better or worse really…it just shows values of NPK if using the schedule amounts they show on the site.
I was just thinking if 1 bottle is high in N then why not cut down the other bottle high in N and increase the first or opposite…kinda mix and match values of the nutes until we get same/similar values we need.
I just seen the schedule(s) as more of its for all kinds of plants so fine tuning it a bit to be more cannabis friendly was what I was looking into also.
And WAAAAAY too much free time to wonder these things up…lol

If your wanting to play with your NPK ratios why not go to a powder nutrient. Like Jack’s for instance, where you can isolate certain nutrients rather than being at mercy of increasing everything across the board just to get more N for instance. Just a thought that might make life easier.

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Well thats kind of how I got here…went to local shop to see what was avail…only one available besides big black containers of A and B was the GH trio…so went with that before I knew exactly what I was in store for…so now I’m trying to figure out a way to use what I have dumped $80+ into before moving on…or at least get something of value from them…lol

I never said it was bad. I just got finished with 2 plants and I used the GH nutrients. Except I took away the Flora gro and used the Lucas Formula, which only calls for the micro and bloom at a 1:2 ratio.

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Just searched “Lucas Formula”…yup basically what I was trying to find out about…lol
Thanks !!!