Trying to estimate a harvest time frame... Any help appreciated

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Hellooooooo! I hope everybody is having a great day.

I started 9 seeds from bags… Do not know the strains. Of the 9 random bag seeds all were female. Of the 9, 3 if the last to pre-flower and the smallest seemed to be an autoflower varietal. I assume this, as all plants in one 4x4 tent were at 18/6 lights.

After getting suggestions from here, I had waited about 2 weeks at a certain date to do the flip to 12/12 so some plants could catch up to the rest to try to maintain an even canopy. However at a time before that suggestion the smallest 3 stragglers started to flower under 18/6 lights.

Now those three are in a separate tent and appear way ahead of the other 6 larger bushy plants.

After checking my calendar today, after participating in another thread with @Spiney_norman… I realized I flipped to 12/12 on 9/23/2020… So from that i have deduced that for those 6 in the original tent have possibly another month before harvest… Give or take.

That leaves the 3 assumed autos. I failed to write down on my trusty paper calendar the date these started to flower. I think it was 2 weeks before but I cohld be way off.

Some of the hairs have started reddening. Is there a way to tell how long these gals have before harvest so I can plan the last 2 weeks for flushing before the harvest?

Pics below are from today plus the last 2 pics are for reference of the 6 others:

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Sorry about the purple photos… A spinal dislocation a couple years ago left me a bit sore today… … I could take better non purple pics in a bit if those three if necessary.

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Pics in natural light would be a lot better. I figure about 8-9 weeks from time you see pistils on 12/12 for most.

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Here are pics my wife just took under white light.

Plant #7:

Plant #8:

Plant #9:

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Still a way’s to go still alot of white pistils 4 to 6 weeks to go. From the looks in the last 2 pic’s you have a Calcium deficiency. Have you been giving them Cal-Mag?


Yes I am using cal-mag…I have another thread where @Covertgrower and a few others figured I had an excess of nitrogen that locked out calcium.

I am currently watering with straight distilled water to help them recover. In a week I will be then back on half dose of week 9 Fox farm soil schedule.


I don’t think nitrogen is antagonistic to calcium, according to mulders chart. I see nitrogen toxicity though, and I feel like i can see calcium deficiency too. Are you sure it isn’t just a ph issue?


First…Thank you for the help…

I use distilled water for my nutes…PH’ed at 6.5.

Last Sunday I did my first flush using FF sledgehammer as per the instructions from FF customer service.

What would you suggest?

Then on October 16th I noticed the leaves looking funky after a week of FF week 8 and posted here:

You got the PH of the run off too?

unfortunately no…I do not get any run off. After overwatering in the beginning and having a really bad fungus gnat infestation, I have brought my watering down to 16 fluid ounces of water/nutes…nutes twice a week just distilled water every other watering. Even during the flush I used sledgehammer and watered double or 32 ounces and had very little runoff…like a teaspoon.

Is there a way to figure it out with out runoff?

You adjust ph after mixing nutrients? I would also be wondering what the ph out is.

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Yes…I add nutrients to the water then ph to 6.5

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Definitely have a month or more to go. Dbrn32 has you set on the other issues.


@Covertgrower Thank you for all of your help…You…and all the others have been truly awesome over the last few months.

I am definitely buying some fem seeds for the next grow after getting this down.

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Could I mix soil with distilled water and filter it in a coffee filter and check the ph of the soil that way?

I use one teaspoon of cal-mag per gallon of water

Your best bet would be to apply enough to get a good amount of runoff and test it. I have a feeling not feeding to runoff regularly you have a pretty substantial build up in your pots.



I will do that now and get back to you. Should I check ppm as well.

I have ppm meter but haven’t used it yet.




Okay… Here is what I did…plants are in 3 gallon pots…
I chose the worst affected plant for speed.

  1. I put the potted plant into a new and clean plastic wash tub.
  2. Poured just under a gallon of distilled water into the pot and waited for runoff and removed the plant.
  3. Poured 16 ounces into a clean 2 cup measuring cup.
  4. Checked the PH.
  5. Checked the PPM.
  6. Poured that liquid back into the tub of runoff water.
  7. Repeated steps 3 through 6 three times for accuracy.

Consistent Results:
PH = 6.03
PPM = 1575

That doesn’t look too bad. What are you feeding and at what concentration?