Trying to do this the right way

Here is my prep list so far. After root rotting my first two seeds :disappointed: I am only going to try one seed this time and once I am secure I have everything I need and gain a bit more confidence I may try the last two.

White Widow Autoflower

Soil Medium:
Jobes organic potting soil for seeding and sprout. I plan on mixing it with organic perlite. After a couple weeks I plan on transfering into a three gallon fabric smart pot of Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil mixed with Jobes and the perlite. I haven’t opened the bag yet but I seriously hope there’s no bugs. I don’t want to cook it but may do it over a small fire outside rather than the oven as to not cause issues with my family with the smell. If I have to.

I built a 2x2x4 1/2 closet out of scrap 2x4 and plywood from a destroyed cabin when a tornado hit us last year. I cut 6 inch holes on each side and have a couple 6 inch office fans fitted in for air flow and temp control if it gets too warm given It’s in a real clean mudroom behind my carport. I also painted the inside with Rustolium high gloss white to reflect the light better than foil. I may just get a tent anyways and use this for seeding with my current light given the DIY closet isn’t really air tight. At all.


I got sprouts using this but they quickly died of root rot after 6 leaves grew 2 weeks in when I added the first round of nutes. I tried for 2 weeks in flushing but they just got worse so I gave up and fed them to my ducks (who graciously gobbled them up with their daily spinach). I plan on upgrading to a Roleadro 300 Watt this week.

18/6 light schedule and then 12/12 through flowering.

EDIT: I actually just ordered the Roleadro mentioned above with free one day shipping given the fact they have an April sale on Amazon for buy one get another unit free. So It looks like I will hit the 600W goal after all!

Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series 300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower

Exhaust/Carbon Filter:
I plan on getting this setup in a couple weeks once She gets close to flowering. It’s good to go Amazon Prime.

Distilled only. I wouldn’t drink any other water due to flouride content alone. So I won’t give it to my plant. I also have the Fox Farms trio nute set but seeing on other forums I may not even need them but still good to have handy. Nutes is my biggest issue of understanding. I have litmus strips and a cheap soil readers from amazon though I may get a digi pen for good measure.

As far as seedlings I have one of those small pots that you add water to the bottom and it soaks into the soil from the bottom up, but I think this method caused the root rot in the first place so I may just go with party cups this time around.

Perlite should be here in a couple days so I may just stat germination today, but this whole process is going to be nerve racking to say the least. lol I am very passionate about doing this as I am so tired of black market BS and plus I am sure that first smoke after harvest is so much more fulfilling. Plus I like the idea of giving life to something and having it reward you for doing so.

If I’m missing anything, please let me know. Any advice and/or tips is appreciated.

Also, this such a great website. I already converted my guides to .mobi and put them on my Kindle. Will make for good reading. I have done a lot of research and like how there is always things to learn as far as growing is concerned. Simply fascinating.

Thanks in advance for all the knowledge!

Live. Life. Love.

I had issues first starting autos, lost my first couple. Then I started using rapid rooters as soon as they have roots sticking out I put into forever home, autos do not like being transplanted and sence they are on their own schedule any recovery time will potentially hurt yeild.

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Would it be a better idea to just put it strait into the pot and avoid transfer altogether? If so I may hold off germinating another week until I upgrade the light.

Yea that’s my advise and what I practice. I have been getting around 6 usable Oz od plant after harvest

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Nice! Maybe I’ll just hold off then. Last thing I want to do is jump the gun before the light and perlite gets here and have it cause further issues.

I always start my autos out in the final pot. Usually a 5 gallon filled with a non mix soil and just a hand full of seed starter. Just have to be careful not to over water. I use a 16oz plastic bottle with a few holes poked in the top.

also white widow auto

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@bruinsfan33 Very beautiful. Outdoor grow? In your opinion using just one seed, how often and how much water should you use at a time when first starting out the first few weeks using one a 3 gallon fabric smart pots? If you don’t mind me picking your brain for a second LOL wiring seems to be one of my major issues. Even if I just do it every two to three days, I still got root rot. I only did the knuckle test but I also went according to the soil meter. You know one of those cheap ones you get on Amazon the three and ones. Next thing I know my plants wilted got brown and just died and didn’t do anything for 2 weeks and that was that. That’s why this time around I’m making sure I’m doing every single thing right.

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Yes outdoor. The first few weeks of watering can be tricky. I like my water bottle idea it gets the job done and its hard to over water. Some people even use just a spray bottle and mist the area. You don’t want to water until run off quite yet. Are we talking indoor outdoor? I just went back and read again. I recommend not using the self watering pot for germination. Just have to dampen the area. It’s easy to over water when using a larger pot. I start my photos in solo cups

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I’m going with Auto in a 3 gallon fabric pot. That’s why it’t.s going strait in there since autos are so sensitive about transfers. Otherwise I’d go with the cups which I plan on doing once I try photos down the road. Still pretty green at this.